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Article date: 31 January 2007

RAC will broaden the horizons of its accident and legalservices, by merging the two together - to become RACservices. 

Re-launching RAC's accident and legal services as one, in the fleetand financial sector, will mean sharing best practices andprocesses - an operational capability that no other motoringservice will offer.

The synergy will cut vehicle down time, oversee recovery and repaircosts and reduce driver inconvenience. At the same time it willoffer expertise in legal resources such as personal injurycompensation and legal expenses insurance.

RAC services have already received accolades from the fleetindustry, after readers of Business Car magazine voted RACas the UK's top accident management company.

John Lawrence is the new man at the top - with 17 years' experiencein leading sales teams and directing sales strategy in UK andEurope.

Lawrence, formerly director of membership sales at RAC Rescue,promises a fresh proposition for 2007, renewed sales and marketingfocus, along with a new online service allowing customers to trackthe progress of their claims.

He said: "In 2007, RAC will be the first motoring service providerto bring accident and legal services together to share expertise,in order to develop the highest level of service and support forour customers - I am pleased to be a part of this renewedvigour." 


RAC Press office contact:

Jenny Chapman on 01603 684 224 / 07800 699 668 or Lucy Haughey on01603 354 337/ 07800 690 149

Sam Bramwell
Telphone: 0161 919 8024
E-mail: Sam.bramwell@staniforth.co.uk

Ruth Devlin
Telephone:0161 919 8025
E-mail: Ruth.devlin@staniforth.co.uk

Notes to editors:

About RAC
With around seven million members, RAC is one of the UK's mostprogressive motoring organizations, providing services for bothprivate and business motorists. Whether it's roadsideassistance, windscreen repair and replacement, learning to drive,vehicle inspections and checks, legal and financial services orup-to-the-minute traffic and travel information - RAC is able tomeet motorists' needs. RAC incorporates BSM, RAC Auto Windscreens,RAC Direct Insurance and HPI.

Aviva bought RAC in May 2005. The acquisition brings togetherRAC's powerful brand and customer base with the expertise andleading position in motor insurance of Norwich Union Insurance(part of Aviva). Norwich Union is the UK's largest insurer,insuring one in seven motor vehicles and with a market share ofaround 15%.

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