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Article date: 19 June 2008

With Child Safety Week (23-29 June 2008)* upon us, HPI is urging parents to make essential checks when buying a used car. Although many parents take the precaution to fit approved child seats and drive with greater care when children are on board, used car buyers who don't check the history of a vehicle before purchase could be putting their family at risk.

Nick Lindsay, director of HPI, comments: "We fully endorse this campaign and believe that reducing the number of child casualties caused in road traffic collisions is of utmost importance. We were reassured to learn from a recent HPI survey that nearly 70% of parents place child safety high on their list of priorities when looking to buy a used car. However, a staggering 75% of people would rely on their own judgment of a car, rather than calling on professionals for information or advice to support a purchase decision. This is even more baffling when you take into consideration that 88% of people surveyed said they were concerned about buying a write-off and 96% people a cut ‘n' shut. A car's hidden history may put its integrity into question. For instance, if it had been in a serious accident previously and not professionally repaired, the structure of the car may not be sound."  

The HPI survey also revealed that over 50% of those surveyed didn't consider reviewing NCAP ratings when buying a used car. Price was the key influencer when buying a car with 44% claiming it to be the most important purchasing factor. 44% of parents don't check that their current child seats fit properly in a car they are test driving. Continues Nick Lindsay: "When parents buy child seats, many retail outlets, such as John Lewis, recommend they trial fit them into their car before they purchase them. It therefore makes sense that people check that seats fit adequately in the car they are looking to buy."

Nick Lindsay concludes: "We are advising car buyers to be more cautious when purchasing a used vehicle for a family purpose and to be aware of the dangers of buying a car that has been an insurance write-off or a cut ‘n' shut. An HPI Check** will establish the vehicle's current status and confirm that it has been legitimately deemed fit for the road, eliminating any hidden risks to a child's safety."


* Child Safety Week is organised by the Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT). It aims to highlight the dangers to children in and around the home. Parents are aware of the danger of road accidents, but may not consider the fact that a used car can hide potential danger.

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