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As your employer, we're interested in your future as well as your present. That's why we've set up a company pension scheme to help you invest for your retirement. The scheme is run by Aviva, one of Europe's leading life and pension providers.

When you reach your chosen retirement age, you can use the money you've invested in your pension to provide you with retirement benefits. And as far away as that might seem today, you should start thinking about it now. The sooner you start investing, the more options and financial freedom you're likely to have when you retire. Note that the value of an investment is not guaranteed and can go up and down. You could get back less than you invested.

On this site you'll find all you need to know about the Fresca Group Personal Pensions Plan, whether or not you're already a member of the scheme.

Specific tax details for Isle of Man schemes are shown in your pension documents

A company pension
is arranged by your
employer and allows
you to build a pension
pot for your retirement
in a tax efficient way.

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Aviva our pension provider

Find out more about Aviva and what discounts they could offer you.

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