Clothing and Equipment Hacks

Clothing and Equipment Hacks

Having the correct clothing and equipment out on the snow is very important. It can mean the difference between going the whole day, or running out of juice by lunchtime. Clothes need to be warm but not cause you to overheat, and the equipment must be the right size as well as comfortable. Follow these useful hacks to help prepare your children for your holiday.

Keep costs down

Getting prepared for your first skiing holiday can be quite demanding on your wallet. Monica Stott, travel blogger for The Travel Hack says if you’re looking to save money, you could buy “your ski clothing at the end of the ski season when everything is on sale.” Don’t forget you might need to buy your children’s clothing one size too big, so it’ll fit them in time for next year’s holiday.

Clever packing

With all this equipment and clothing, you must wonder how you fit everything in your suitcase? To save on space, try putting all your smaller items in your ski boots and then wrap your ski clothing – such as thermals and jackets – around your skis and poles in the equipment bag.

Practice getting dressed and undressed

The last thing you need is your child not getting to the bathroom in time whilst in their ski gear. If they’re not familiar with wearing ski clothes, Tania Alliod from the British Association of Snowsport Instructors (BASI) says “it’s a good idea for them to practice getting dressed and undressed.” You could even make a game out of it. Don’t forget to allow yourself at least three times the amount of time you think you need to get the children ready for the day ahead.

Keep your kit safe

There’s nothing more frustrating than your children accidently losing clothes or mixing them up with someone else’s gear. Kirsty Boswell from ski holiday finders Crystal Ski advises writing your name on stickers and putting them on your family’s skis, as “they’ll often be surrounded by hundreds of other skis that look very familiar.” Alliod from BASI also suggests sticking your mobile number discreetly on the inside of your child’s helmet.

Stop steamed-up googles

It’s a good idea to put your goggles on before you go outside, and don’t take them off until you’ve finished skiing. Make sure that your children don’t put their goggles on their wet hat or helmet, as they’ll quickly steam up and affect their vision. If they do fog up, pop to the nearest bathroom and put them under the dryer – this will help them clear up instantly.

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