EU referendum: does the outcome affect my Aviva policy?

EU referendum: does the outcome affect my Aviva policy?

We understand that you may have questions about your Aviva policy as a result of the outcome of the UK's EU referendum. We hope the answers below will help to address some of the questions you may have.

What does this mean for my policy?

  • There are no changes to your policies and they remain valid.
  • Our businesses continue to operate as normal.
  • If you need to make a claim, you can continue to do so in the usual way.
  • In the UK Aviva will continue to be supervised by the same UK-based regulatory bodies (PRA and FCA) as we are now, and adhere to the principles of Treating Customers Fairly

Aviva will continue to monitor the technical implications of the vote to leave, which will only be resolved after several years of negotiating a new relationship between the UK and the EU. In the event this results in any changes to policy terms in future years these will be clearly communicated ahead of coming into force.

What does this mean for my investments?

  • Fund values can go up or down on a daily basis, and the market is affected by numerous factors.
  • We are seeing volatility in the markets due to uncertainty following the result of the vote. This could have an impact on returns available to our customers and their investments. Here’s our top tips on avoiding panic in turbulent times.
  • If you want to discuss your future investment strategy further we recommend you seek independent financial advice to assist you in any decisions.

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