Bad Thinking: Is his petition a good idea?

Bad Thinking: Is his petition a good idea?

If someone tried to persuade you that driving while on your phone is a good idea would you sign his petition? Not seen the video yet? Click here.

The Great British public certainly weren’t convinced in our undercover film. His suggestion that texting while driving saves time or taking a selfie behind the wheel is perfectly fine, stirred up quite a reaction (and not in a positive way!).

So why do over 40% of people still take a gamble and use their phone while driving?*

It’s time for all of us to take a stand. We’re reminding drivers across Britain to put phones on silent -and just focus on the road.

Show your support - make the Brake pledge

We’re on a mission to make Britain’s roads safer. That’s why we’ve joined forces with Brake, the road safety charity. Together we’re encouraging everyone to make a personal pledge to #DriveSafer - and protect everyone around us.

Make the pledge

The pledge asks you to sign up to six areas that can make a real difference to the safety of our roads: being slow, sober, secure, silent, sharp and sustainable.

So join us in our goal and sign up to the pledge today.

Take the Aviva Drive challenge

Aviva Drive

We want to help you stay safer on the road. So we're challenging you to put your driving to the test with Aviva Drive.

Aviva Drive is a free app that monitors your driving skills. Once you’ve driven 200 miles, you’ll get an individual driving score out of 10. Safer drivers scoring 7.1 or more could save an average of £150 on Aviva comprehensive car insurance - a saving which could be achieved by 44% of them.**

 Download the app now



Is FOMO influencing safe driving?

Has our addiction to social media gone a step too far? Our survey revealed why more people than ever are using their phones behind the wheel.

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Mobile phones: Immobilising safe driving

Find out more about why it's so important to leave your phone alone whilst driving and some tips on how to avoid this potentially fatal distraction.

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Additional Sources

[1]* A survey was conducted online by ICM Limited on behalf of Aviva between the 10th-13th June 2016 with 2,021 respondents of which 1,565 were drivers. Out of 1,565 drivers surveyed, 655 admitted to using their mobile phones for reasons other than hands-free calls, equating to 42% of drivers polled.
[2]** Based on policies bought direct from Aviva between January and April 2016. Discount is available on first car per policy and depends on score and price – minimum £200. Discount doesn’t apply to optional extras. Compatible handset required. Data charges may apply.

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Preparing your home before a storm

With a little preparation you could help to reduce the potential for damage - and save yourself some money and stress in the process.

Aviva Drive

Safer drivers scoring 7.1 or more save an average of £170, a saving that can be achieved by 52% of them.

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