Preparation Hacks

Preparation Hacks

It’s your first skiing holiday with the kids, so it’s important to prepare yourself and the family before heading over to the ski resorts. From packing the key essentials, to boosting energy levels, take note of these hacks to help your children get ready to hit the slopes.

Fill them up

We spoke with Dr. Jane Wilson-Howarth, GP and author of ‘Your Child Abroad: A Travel Health Guide,’ who recommends giving your children a good breakfast, because “as long as they have full stomachs, they’ll cope well with exotic experiences.” Whilst on the slopes, give them dried fruit snacks which will help to boost your child’s energy levels, as well as keeping the packaging and mess to a minimum.

Get them familiar

For a child, there’s a lot to learn and take in on their first ski trip. To get younger children familiar, Tania Alliod from the British Association of Snowsport Instructors suggests reading “‘Monty Goes Skiing’ by Richard Liddle – as it introduces them to the world of skiing.” Show them what the piste map looks like, and share pictures of the slopes, kids areas and chairlifts to get them accustomed to the surroundings and excited for their trip. It’s also sensible to book them into some lessons so they can learn the basics before you go away.

Keep them motivated

Skiing can be quite exhausting for a child who’s never tried it before. Family Blogger Helen Wills of Actually Mummy tells us “there’s so much to handle on the first morning of a ski trip – getting kitted out, carrying skis, queuing and meeting a ski instructor.” When your children start to struggle and not enjoy themselves, “a packet of Haribo or Fruit Pastilles in a convenient pocket is a god send. One more run and we can have a treat on the lift is a great motivator.”

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