Safety Hacks

Safety Hacks

Safety is key to ensuring the whole family have fun and exciting times together whilst out on the slopes. Winter sports can be dangerous and if you’re not sure what you’re doing, the last thing you want is to have an accident. Here, we’ve got some tips to help ensure your children don’t hurt themselves or get lost on the slopes.

Protection against the sun

When you’re out on the mountains, the sun’s rays are more harmful because they’re reflected off the snow’s surface. Tania Alliod from the British Association of Snowsport Instructors (BASI) advises to “get the sun cream on early and top up frequently.” Make sure your children have some packed in their rucksacks and don’t forget to wear your goggles or sunglasses for extra UV protection.

Locating the family

It can be difficult keeping track of everyone’s whereabouts, especially if the children are at ski school. Kirsty Boswell from ski holiday finders Crystal Ski recommends downloading a ski app onto everyone’s phones. Most of these apps allow people to talk to one another, feature maps and information relevant to your resort, as well as including emergency contacts. They’re “a really useful way of locating your friends and family, wherever you are.”

Head-on protection

It seems obvious, but it’s so important to make sure your children wear helmets to protect their heads if they have a fall. It’s important to understand that most resorts legally require your child to wear a helmet, but also not wearing a helmet could void your insurance policy – so always check the small print. Whatever the rules, it’s sensible to make wearing a helmet mandatory for your children from a young age, so it’ll become second nature to them during their skiing holidays.

Don’t get stuck

Alliod from BASI points out that your children should not “lick metal like chairlifts, ski poles and ski edges when it’s freezing cold” because their “tongues will stick to it and it really hurts.” It appears daft, but young children are still discovering the world through their eyes, ears, hands, and tongues, so make sure they don’t get stuck to the chairlift! 

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