Lunchbox Hacks

Lunchbox Hacks

Build ‘snack stations’

Many parents struggle with encouraging their children to eat nutritious food for their packed lunches. Putting together a snack station in your fridge or cupboard is a simple solution and will allow your children to choose from a range of healthy snacks you’ve pre-selected. This will make them feel that they’ve been given plenty of choice, whilst also helping them get involved in the lunch preparation process.

Dr Rosalind Miller, a Nutrition Scientist at the British Nutrition Foundation  advises that when offering snacks, ‘rather than looking to salted/fried snacks, confectionary, cakes and biscuits why not go for yoghurt with fruit.’ You could even try ‘raw vegetable sticks with dips – some children love raw veg (such as carrots) more than cooked ones.’

Weekly whiteboard planner

Thinking about what to include in your children’s lunches will save time and reduce stress in the mornings. It will also help you to cut costs by reducing waste and utilising what you already have at home. The Money Advice Service confirms that you can ‘save money on your food shopping with simple ideas like checking what you have, making a meal list and meal planning.’

A whiteboard planner can be stuck to your fridge and is a practical way to plan lunches in advance. It’ll help you decide which leftover meals can be used for lunches, spot what needs using up in the fridge, as well as know what additional food you need to buy.

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