Unforgettable Easter days out

Unforgettable Easter days out

The Easter Bank Holiday Weekend is a great excuse for taking the children out the house to do some family bonding and create some lasting memories. There’s something that will suit every family’s needs, interests and budget – so make sure you research and book events in advance as it’s a very busy weekend! We’ve spoken to experts and gathered some of our ideas for a great day out with the family this Easter.

Looking after your wallet

Taking the children out for the day doesn’t have to cost the earth, there’s plenty of free or cheap activities to do locally that’s fun and educational. Sally Whittle, family blogger for Who’s The Mummy says “if you’re on a tight budget, my favourite place to go is the beach. Even when the weather is cold, you can’t beat a game of beach cricket or rounders, followed by a long walk, and hot chocolate.” Why not consider finding a local walk, trail or even some public gardens? It’s a great way to get some fresh air, take in the nearby scenery and burn off that Sunday lunch – for a more active approach, we suggest cycling instead to get the heart pumping. Whittle also suggests your “local church will have a dedicated children’s service at Easter, which helps children understand the meaning of the festival at an appropriate level.”

Visiting the capital

London is a haven for trip ideas, whether you want to explore some of the English Heritage buildings, get educated in the museums and galleries or follow the theme with some Easter events. We suggest taking the children to London Zoo or the London Aquarium to embrace the world’s wildlife to learn about their habitats and how they live. Kew Gardens has a full line up of activities over the Easter holidays, such as learning about where chocolate comes from, cooking classes for children and lots of chocolate trails! Learn about the origins of Easter through an open air play in Trafalgar Square set up by Wintershall Trust; you can also see this open air play in the Guildford, Surrey area.

Embracing our heritage

You don’t have to venture into the capital to discover our history and heritage. The National Trust looks after many of the country’s beautiful stately homes and castles; they also provide great family days out, especially around Easter. Whittle also suggests “the National Trust teams up with Crème Egg to run Easter Egg hunts, there’s a great one in Hampstead at Fenton House”. Take in some local history, explore some stunning gardens and try some of the trails around the protected land.

A Special Year For Rabbits

This year marks not one, but two special anniversaries in the world of classic authors; it marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of Beatrix Potter and the year ‘Alice in Wonderland’ by Lewis Carroll was published. Do you and your children love the Peter Rabbit stories? We suggest visiting Beatrix Potter’s home up in the Lake District and discover where the magic of her stories began. The British Museum is hosting a free exhibition until the 17th April, taking you into the world of Alice in Wonderland. This looks into how people’s perceptions have changed over the years and how Carroll has inspired many writers and illustrators. You could also make your way over the Guildford in Surrey, walk around the castle grounds and along the river and you’ll find the unique Alice-themed statues inspired by Carroll’s connection with the town.

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