Aviva Tackling Numbers Part 1: helping children to improve their maths skills through rugby

Tackling Numbers: helping children to improve their maths skills through rugby

Tackling Numbers is a fun and engaging programme that uses rugby related tasks in the classroom, supported by practical number-based games outside of it, to help Key Stage 2 children learn about maths and increase their confidence.

The programme aims to put foundations in place for numerical understanding and financial literacy in later life, while also encouraging children to take part in rugby and to be active outside of the classroom.

Developed by Aviva and Premiership Rugby, this rugby themed programme is now in its 4th year and has so far been pushed out to more than 60,000 8-11 year olds across the country, thanks to the 12 Aviva Premiership Rugby clubs who have visited their local schools and become increasingly involved in furthering the use of maths at primary schools.

The classroom has got to be a place the children are excited to go to and by introducing tackling numbers we are giving the children something to look forward to and engaging with them using a creative and real-life concept in which to develop their maths skills.

To learn more about Aviva Tackling Numbers or to download the resource packs and have a go yourself visit: https://www.aviva.co.uk/sponsorship/premiership-rugby/form/tackling-numbers/

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