Easter food ideas

Easter food ideas

Cooking and baking plays a big part over the Easter Bank Holiday, as an activity to share with your children or as part of entertaining guests. It can either be your chance to shine at home-cooking or as a fun activity to teach your children new life skills. With such a variety of traditional dishes and seasonal produce to choose from, you’re sure to eat well over the weekend. We’ve spoken to experts and gathered some tips to help you in the kitchen this Easter.

Cooking With The Kids

Cooking together with your children is a great opportunity for them to learn something new – it’s fun, creative and very messy. It helps them to understand the difference processes in making food as well as the importance of food hygiene – try and make it as fun and engaging as possible. Ita Mac Airt from Allrecipes UK says “recipe videos are a great way to show kids what you are going to bake or create together […] videos are fun, light hearted and only around 3 minutes long so children watch them the whole way through and don't lose interest!”

When you’ve chosen an appropriate recipe to do, we suggest making sure you’re prepared and that you’ve got the children ready by, for example getting hair off their faces and putting an apron on. Also, it’s important not to rush them – they’ve never prepared food before and it takes time for them to learn how to do something.

As you take them through the recipe, give them opportunities to try and prepare ingredients or be in charge of making sure a task is done. Airt points out that “young children will be thrilled to be in charge of lining the muffin tins with paper cases or sprinkling flour on the worktop before you roll out pastry.” This will help them to understand the task they’re doing and why, as well as learning a new skill. Let your children touch and taste the food they’re preparing as well – this will help them be more open to tying other foods and it’s fun.

If you think you’re not going to have enough time to show your children the full process of baking, Airt also suggests to try and “bake and freeze cupcakes or biscuit dough ahead of time. They defrost really quickly and kids can spend all of the time decorating and creating their masterpiece!” 

Recipe Tips And Ideas

It’s Easter Sunday, the children are settled in an activity and the in-laws are coming over – it’s time to show them you cooking skills; here’s a few tips and ideas we’ve put together for you to try.

  • Doing eggs for breakfast and have lots of mouths to feed? Break each egg into a muffin tray slot and bake for quick batch-cooking.
  • Hot cross buns are a must-have over the holidays, but ever thought about using them as a replacement in bread and butter pudding or making them as muffins instead?
  • New potatoes are a classic side dish in the Sunday lunch menu, why not try baking them instead and sprinkle with some paprika?
  • When roasting your leg of lamb, it can lose a lot of juices - try roasting the leg on top of the new potatoes so that the potatoes absorb all the juices. It gives the potatoes extra flavour and uses less space in the oven. Ever thought of replacing lamb with a whole salmon instead?
  • Seasonal produce includes: Lamb, Salmon, Oysters, Rhubarb, Watercress, Spinach, Cabbage, New Potatoes, Spring Greens and Cauliflower. This should help when looking for recipe ideas.

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