Family activities

Family activities

When it comes round to the Easter holidays, it can be quite a challenge keeping them entertained over the length of Easter. We’ve put together a selection of our tips and ideas that will help make the school holidays entertaining and memorable.

Getting Creative

Easter is a great time for children to get their creative juices flowing, decorating some eggs and creating their own chick or rabbit masterpiece. We spoke to Martin Ward of the littlecraftybugs Company for their expertise on doing art and crafts with children over the school holidays. He points out that “Easter is not all about Easter bunnies, eggs and chicks. It’s a great time to make spring flowers, plant cress heads, make Easter cards and even Easter crowns as well.”

When their eggs have been carefully painted and decorated, they need to stand somewhere. Ward suggests using empty kitchen rolls and to “carefully cut them into rings and use them as stands for little Easter egg creations. You can paint them and decorate them to compliment the eggs that they are holding.”

A cheap and great alternative to egg stencils or print outs is to create egg-patterned prints with potatoes, by cutting them in half down the middle and calving out different shapes and patterns. We suggest trying to use a muffin tray palette for dipping the potatoes into different coloured paints for printing as well.

What about creating something different this year? Martin Ward suggest to “make and fill your own Easter crackers. These work as gifts for family members and also as Easter table or party favours. You can buy kits  to help you do this or start from scratch.”

Less mess is best

We suggest filling up several empty soap dispensers with different coloured kid-friendly paints; this prevents the paint that’s left out from drying up quickly. It also allows children to top up their palette as and when they please, without spilling a bottle or getting a tube of paint everywhere. Why not try replacing thick paint or dye with watercolour paints for a stress-free mess or the worry of staining clothes?

When egg dying, put your egg inside a whisk and dip OR dip and pick up out of the dye with a pasta server to prevent touching the dye with bare hands. You could even use a muffin tray to create a palette of colours to choose from.

Easter Crayons

Have lots of old crayons? Why not try getting some silicone tray moulds of (for example) egg shapes or rabbits and put the broken crayon bits into the moulds. Put into your pre-heated oven of 150°C for ten minutes. Leave to cool down completely and you’ll have your own Easter-themed crayons – great recycling method! 

Egg hunting at home

This is an opportunity for you to be as creative as you want, designing a fantasy land (your home) for children to help find the eggs the Easter Rabbit has left. Kate Sutton, Author of WitWitWoo  says “there’s one thing I don’t think you ever grow out of, and that’s Easter egg hunts - just make it really really difficult”. It’s an activity which can last as long as you want and be for as many children as you want - whilst being colourful, fun and entertaining.

Get your child’s full engagement by creating a map of your home or make clue cards to give hints as to where you’ve hidden the eggs. Make rabbit footprints to lead your children around the home or garden. Sutton also suggests “to write little clues to lead them to each egg. Clues that they would understand of course, for example, lead them to where the iron is kept, or leave a clue under a pineapple”. Does it have to be during the day, we suggest trying an Easter egg hunt in the dark and use glow in the dark eggs instead?

If you don’t want your child eating so much chocolate, why not replace chocolate eggs with plastic ones? Martin Ward from the littlecraftybugs Company says “why not give your plastic eggs a fun twist with facial features and googly eyes”. Fill them with treats of your choice – it doesn’t have to be food, you could fill the plastic eggs with Lego for example.

Are your children learning to count or read? Ward suggests to use eggs for practice, “perhaps saying they have to be harvested in number order or adding letters to each to make certain words and then making the words together before opening the eggs.”

Time To Try Something New

There’s plenty more to do over Easter beyond the colours and eggs; explore our ideas for going out with the family over Easter here, or browse through our recipe ideas that you can get stuck into with the children here.

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