Save up to £350 as a family

Save up to £350 as a family

You could save hundreds every year just by merging your family’s finances.

We’ve recently discovered that 57% of UK households could save over £350 a year simply by using family discounted products*, like multi-person car insurance. Co-habiting couples are the fastest growing family type in the UK**. But even though these couples are committed to each other, many still manage their finances separately.

Couples living together without children are the least likely to take out multi-person policies. In fact, just 27% took advantage of multi-person policies and multi-car insurance, family railcards and mobile phone contracts – which could take up to 30% off premiums.

However, weddings appear to change everything. Those married without children were 44% more likely to use cost saving policies, and that figure rose to 46% for married couples with children.

Dad of two, Darren Whitlock, and his wife, Emma, are enjoying the financial reward of merging their family’s finances.

Darren said: “It made sense to take up discounts available for families. The savings we make on an annual basis make a real difference, and mean we have more flexibility in what we spend on our children and home. Any extra we manage to save goes into our joint savings account as well.”
According to our research, the biggest savings were in car and van insurance policies – saving an average £84 a year – and family railcards, which can save up to £99 per year.

Multi-person savings and typical annual spend


Typical savings for multi-person policies

Typical annual spend per household

Multi-person savings available per household

Car/van insurance




Health and fitness clubs




Family railcard




Mobile phone contracts




Leisure activities




Local sports club membership




Breakdown cover




Typical savings per household:


Our Director of Marketing, Heather Smith, said: “In most cases, changing policies or applying for joint contracts is much easier than you think. And savings can be substantial.
With Aviva MultiCar, there’s just one set of documents, you have the same renewal date and the majority of our MultiCar customers receive a discount of over 20%***. As circumstances change throughout our lives, everyone should regularly review their financial arrangements to make sure they’re getting the most value out of everyday products and services.

Methodology and research methods:

* We commissioned the Cost of Living Separately Together research with Populus, who interviewed 2,013 adults online between the 18 and 20 January 2013. The typical savings and annual spend figures were calculated by the data research and market analysis company, Development Economics, whose Researchers reviewed multi-person discounts for various services, including:

  • Car/van insurance – figures calculated using an assessment of annual value of policies obtained from British Insurance Premium Index and additional research looking at annual multi-car policy discounts available from more than a dozen leading providers. The quotes obtained were for a range of drivers’ ages, focusing on the average price for a new car and a three-year old second-hand car.
  • Mobile phone contracts – survey of typical annual contracts and multi-person discounts available from providers including high street retailers.
  • Leisure attractions – assessment of annual family membership deals for a range of UK attractions.
  • Health and fitness clubs – assessment of annual adult memberships at national and municipal providers.
  • Breakdown cover – quotes from annual breakdown and roadside assist policies and multi-car discounts from leading providers.
  • Gym membership – a sample survey of annual memberships (single, couple, family) at over a dozen local tennis and golf clubs located across England and Wales.

** According to the Office for National Statistics, the number of co-habiting couples has increased from 1.5 million in 1996 to 2.9 million in 2012

*** 85% of Aviva MultiCar customers received a discount of 20% or more between May and October 2012. The discount applied to the cheaper of the two vehicle insurance premiums. All vehicles must be registered at the same address. Discount does not apply to optional extras. We expect 20% of our customers to achieve the maximum saving of 1/3.

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