Spring maintenance checks for your home: A helpful guide and video

Spring maintenance checks for your home: A helpful guide and video

At this time of year, many of us are keen to have a spring clean and spruce up our homes. But our research shows that many essential home maintenance checks still get neglected. And by overlooking these, homeowners could risk bills of up to £10,000.
The good news is, most maintenance checks are quick and easy, and we’ve got all the information you need to help keep your home at its best.

An expert shows you how
Craig Phillips, the well-known TV personality with over 20 years’ experience in the building and DIY industry, has worked with Aviva, to give homeowners advice. Craig knows the importance of regular maintenance checks and has some simple tips to help you look after your home.
Craig says: “With longer, lighter evenings there’s a perfect opportunity to get outside and have a check around the garden and take a good look at the bricks and mortar plus your roof and tiles.”
In a short video he shows you how to check for common problems like blocked guttering and damp, and how to fix them.

Your essential home maintenance guide 

For a quick-look guide to protecting your home, below is a useful list of the most common problems, including what you should look out for and when.

What's the problem?Symptoms to look out forHow much could it cost to fix if left untreated?How often should you check for it?
Defective chimney stacks or roof flashings Damp stains around the chimney breast Up to £1,000 Every month
Missing roof tiles or covering displaced Damp patches on interior ceilings Up to £5,000 Every month
Defective guttering Damp patches, discolouration or salty deposits on outside walls Up to £250 Twice a year
Wet or dry rot in timber frames Wet timber, a musty smell, white fungal growth Up to £1,000 Once a year
Defective or worn sealant around baths or showers Cracking or shrinking of sealant Up to £250 Every month
Deterioration to flat roofs Standing water on a roof, lifting or cracking of joins or vegetation growth Up to £1,000 Twice a year
Japanese Knotweed Distinctive large heart shaped leaves. However knotweed looks different throughout the year so check online for what to look out for Up to £5,000 Once a year

Regular checks are the key to keeping your home in top condition, especially after a long winter. And as Heather Smith, director of Aviva Home Insurance says, “the more people keep on top of little jobs around their home, the less chance there is of something more serious going wrong in the long term.”

So make a point of checking your home and garden today – and remember to always use the right tools or call in a professional to make sure the job is done correctly and safely.

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