Aviva Drive’s dash cam feature: your questions answered

Aviva Drive’s dash cam feature: your questions answered  

You’ve received your starter pack and free phone cradle, which means you’re ready to start testing Drive’s new dash cam feature. The responses below are designed to answer your questions about testing the dash cam feature. If you have any further queries about Aviva Drive please visit our Aviva Drive ‘Frequently asked questions’ page. You can also get in touch with us by emailing avivadrive@aviva.com and we’ll be happy to help.

  1. Installing the app
  2. Using the dash cam feature

  3. Giving feedback

  4. Troubleshooting


1. Installing the app

Q: How do I install the Aviva Drive BETA test app?

  1. Guide for iPhone users

  2. Guide for Android users

Things to note:

  • Android phones need to be using the operating system v4.4 and above, iPhone needs iOS v9.0 and above. Currently our app isn’t available on Blackberry or Windows phones.

  • You’ll need at least 300MB of memory available on your device (phone) in order to download the BETA test app and run the dash cam feature.

  • If you save any video footage captured this will reduce the amount of memory left on the phone. You can review and delete unneeded videos you've captured within the app at any time to free up more memory.

2. Using the dash cam feature

Q: Where do I position my phone in my vehicle for the dash cam feature to work properly and safely?

Please watch this video guide on how to secure and position your phone

  • It’s important that you use the free cradle we’ve provided to hold the phone securely. 

  • You’ll need to position the cradle in your car on the dashboard or windscreen where it doesn’t obstruct or interfere with your view and allows the phone’s camera to view ahead of the car. (Please note the cradle may not hold the phone securely if heavier cases e.g. wallet cases are used).

  • Always position your phone into the cradle and start the Aviva Drive dash cam feature before beginning your journey not whilst driving.

  • Don’t review any footage on the app whilst driving. We encourage safe driving and you should only tap the screen of your phone to save a video clip if it is safe to do so.

  • The screen will darken when you start driving – this is a feature to minimise distraction.

  • We recommend plugging the phone in to an in car charger to avoid battery drain.

Q: When should I use Aviva Drive dash cam feature?

It’s up to you – use on all or some of your journeys as you like. Just position your phone in the cradle, activate the dash cam feature and it will start recording. 

If you don’t want to record a journey either don’t start the dash cam feature or turn it off when stationary.

Q: Why does the dash cam feature ask for camera, microphone and location permission?

For the dash cam feature to work it needs to access the camera, microphone and GPS capability on the phone. The app therefore asks for permission to access these. If you don’t permit this the dash cam feature won’t work.

Q: Will the dash cam feature work if I’m using other apps such as sat nav?

This depends on the type of phone you have. In general you can use apps simultaneously with an Android phone but not with an iPhone.  

You may also find that your phone will stop recording if a phone call is received or you try to use Bluetooth e.g. for music or phone calls.

After a phone call, your recording session will be resumed automatically within 5 seconds.

However if you want to restart your recording session after any other instance, wait until you can find a safe place to pull over and the car is stationary.

Q. What if I have an accident while testing the app?

If you’re unfortunately involved in a collision, you’ll need to claim through your insurance policy in the usual way. If you wish, you can submit the dash cam footage to support your claim.

Q. Where can I see my recordings?

Any recording made with the dash cam feature can be played back in the gallery section of the app.

If you wish you can also save these videos to your phone by going to the gallery, choosing a video, selecting “share clip” and then “save my clip on my device” or delete them. 

You can edit the recordings you have on your phone but they may not be accepted as evidence to support a claim.

Q. What will happen to my footage if I uninstall the test app?

If you uninstall the Aviva Drive BETA test app any footage that hasn’t been saved on your device will be lost.

Q. How do I send the footage captured?

You can use the ‘share’ functionality in the Drive App and send your dash cam footage to dashcam@aviva.com.

You control who you share your recordings with.  You may decide not to send us a recording to support your claim.

Q. How does Aviva use the footage?

It’s up to you whether to share the footage captured by the dash cam if making a claim. Aviva will review the footage to help verify the claim you’ve submitted.

Q. Can the dash cam feature be used at night?

Yes, although image quality may depend on quality of lighting.

Q. Will the footage go towards my Aviva Drive score?

No, once you’ve recorded 200 miles of driving, we’ll give you a score out of 10 based on your cornering, braking and acceleration skills. We’ll then use that score to calculate your personalised discount. The footage can, however, be used as evidence if you need to make a claim.

Q. What happens if I already have the latest Aviva Drive app on my phone?

If you already are an Aviva Drive user downloading our BETA test app will replace your current Aviva Drive version but you will keep your badges, score and mileage.

Q. What will happen to my badges, score and mileage if I uninstall the BETA test app and go back to using Aviva Drive “standard” version?

If you decide to uninstall the BETA test app to go back to using the Aviva Drive standard version you will lose all the data you gathered using the BETA test app along with the badges and mileage you might have earned previously while using Aviva Drive standard version.  

However your 200 miles journey score will be kept if you complete it at any point using either the BETA test app or the standard version.


3. Giving feedback

Q: How do I give feedback?

We’ll send you surveys during the BETA test to ask for your feedback. As a tester we’re hoping that you’ll fully participate in these surveys and share your honest opinions and experience in confidence with us. We may contact you directly should we wish to explore any of the responses you provide us to ensure we fully understand your point of view. If you have specific feedback you wish to share you can send this to us at avivadrive@aviva.com.

We'd also very much welcome your feedback via video. We've created a simple guide on how to easily upload and share your videos here.

Please note this is a BETA test therefore feedback information is not in the public domain and we would expect you to respect the confidentiality of this BETA test and direct your comments to us in the manner described here.

Q: How will you use my feedback?

We will use your feedback to make improvements to the revised version of Aviva Drive including the dash cam feature.  Your experience and comments will inform us of what we need to change before launching the new feature to all our customers. 

Q. How are users invited to participate in the BETA test?

We identify 100,000 of our motor-only policy holders whose renewal date is outside the BETA test phase and who have not opted out of direct marketing. We then send out emails inviting them to participate in our BETA test with links to register their interest using our online registration page. The first 1000 customers who respond to our invite and complete the registration process are enlisted on a first come basis as BETA testers.  We send them an email to confirm they’d be taking part and advised them that they’d be receiving a cradle through the post.  Upon receipt of the cradle the customer will be advised, via postcard received with the cradle, that they’ll receive a separate email inviting them to download the Aviva Drive BETA test app.  

4. Troubleshooting

Q: I haven’t received any details on how to set up / download the Aviva Drive BETA test version

If you are an iPhone user you should have received a Testflight email. Please check your junk mail to ensure it hasn’t been placed their by your email provider. If you definitely haven’t received the email – please let us know at avivadrive@aviva.com

If you are an Android user, please follow this guide on how to download the Aviva Drive BETA test version from the Google Play store.

Q: Why can’t I download the Aviva Drive BETA test app onto my phone?

If you are using an iPhone, the Aviva Drive BETA test App is only available via Testflight our distribution method for BETA apps. You need to download Testflight first, via the link sent by email to access the test version of the app. Follow our guide on how to do this.

 Quick checklist:

  • Can you see the Aviva Drive BETA test app appearing on your phone? If not please try downloading again.

  • Have you got at least 300MB memory available on your phone? If not you’ll need to remove some other content to allow you to download the Aviva Drive BETA test app.

Q: The dash cam feature has stopped working – what should I do?

  • First check you’ve got at least 300MB of memory available on your phone. This is the minimum amount available to run the dash cam feature.

  • If you’re an Android user your phone must be using software v.4.4 and above, and iPhone needs iOS v.9.0 and above. Currently our app isn’t available on Blackberry or Windows phones.

  • If you’ve got sufficient memory available, please check there haven’t been any updates sent to you via Testflight (iPhone users) or Google Play Store (Android users) that need to be installed first.

  • If the app or dash cam feature is still not working please send details to us at avivadrive@aviva.com so we can try and resolve the issue. Please note as this is a BETA test we might not be able to resolve the specific issue during the test phase. We’ll let you know if this is the case.

Q: Why don't you have a telephone number?

Because this is a BETA test we don’t have the usual customer support available - but the test team will be responding to customer queries via email.  If the test is successful and we fully launch the dash cam feature to our customers, we’ll provide the full range of customer service contacts that you’d expect.

Q: What if I want to stop testing?

You can leave our BETA test group at any time by notifying us at avivadrive@aviva.com. We’ll also be very interested to learn why this is the case and welcome your feedback as to why the dash cam feature wasn’t suitable for you.

Q: How do I make a complaint?

We want to give you a great customer service. As this is a BETA test it’s quite possible that things won’t function fully, smoothly or may go wrong with the dash cam feature – we’ll explain if this occurs. Please contact us at avivadrive@aviva.com to give us the opportunity to do this. If the BETA test team are unable to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction we’ll follow our formal complaint process.  

Please note, as outlined in our terms of use, the Aviva Drive BETA test app and dash cam feature is still in development: Therefore, the app is provided “as is” and without warranty. Given that the Aviva Drive BETA test app is still in development, we make no guarantee that the app will be of satisfactory quality, fit for a particular purpose, free from errors or always available.

We will not be responsible for any loss or damage you may experience in connection with your use of the app which is:

  • Caused by an event beyond our reasonable control or which we could not have reasonably foreseen; or not directly caused by us.

  • We do not exclude or limit our liability to you in any way where it would be unlawful to do so. This includes liability for:

  • death or personal injury caused by our negligence;

  • fraud;

  • fraudulent misrepresentation;

  • damage to your device or other digital content belonging to you where this is caused by the app and is the direct result of us failing to exercise reasonable care and skill.

  • We will not be liable for any loss or damage which you may experience in connection with your use of the app after we have notified you that we can no longer provide the app to you or beyond the end user testing period.

  • We will not be liable for any loss, damage or harm suffered by you or anyone else if the app is used for business purposes. The app is provided to you for your own personal non-commercial use.

  • The camera may inadvertently capture audio visual images of you or your passengers that are of a personal or sensitive nature (for example: religious beliefs, sexual orientation, private conversations or places you visit etc.) it is your responsibility to let your passengers know and take their consent before turning on the camera.


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