How to safely position your phone for using the Aviva Drive app dashcam feature

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Thank you for taking part and testing the latest version of our Aviva Drive app.

Today we’re going to show you how to safely fit and use the phone cradle we’ve sent you to use the Drive apps new dashcam feature.

Hopefully you’ve all received a box like this one in the post which contains your cradle, within the box you should have a the cradle which may be in two parts and two different magnet fittings.

You can simply clip the two parts of the cradle together by slotting the arm into the base and fastening the bold. The box also includes two magnets, these either of these stuck to the back of your phone will connect your phone to the cradle however it’s recommended that if you’re using the magnet inside of a phone case, you use the larger magnetic strip.

Now the cradle’s ready to go, let’s show you how it’ll fit in your onto your windscreen.


Car (Inside the car)

 Firstly ensure that the clip on the base is released.

Then select where on the windscreen you wish to place the cradle. We suggest that the cradle is placed in a low central position that will not obscure the windscreen but will also provide a clear line of vision for the Drive app’s dashcam feature.

Then simply align the pad with the windscreen and fasten the clip. Adjust the arm and then attach your phone to the magnetic pad.

We suggest you use your phones camera to ensure that nothing is obscuring the view of the camera and that you’re capturing the full view of the road ahead.

Now your cradle is fully set up you’re ready to hit the road. We hope you enjoy the app and its new dashcam feature.


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