How Canary saved the day

Video transcript

Mike: “We no sooner sat down, and the waiter was bringing menus, that I got a push from Canary. I see this guy go up the stairs that I did not recognize, and so I pushed the panic button for it to call 911, and I told Renée: ‘Come on, let’s get in the car!’, and we were literally there in 3 minutes.”

Text: Mike arrived to the house before the police, and came face to face with the burglar.

Mike: “We nearly almost bumped into one another. He turned, fortunately, and ran from me, and jumped over a fence, flipped over the fence, I jumped up on the fence, and he turned, and just threw all of our belongings on the ground as if [to say] ‘I give up, don’t chase me’.”

Text: The police arrived about 8 minutes after the initial push notification.

Mike: “When the police got there, I freeze-framed the video, and he took a snapshot with his smartphone and texted it out to the other officers on the beat. And 40 minutes later they had a positive ID. The police officer that actually caught the perp[etrator] said to us ‘We normally don’t even come out on these calls’. But because we could say ‘Yeah, he’s still in the house!’, they were going to spend the resources to do it.”

Text: Mike and his wife were compensated by their insurance company for the damage to their home.

Mike: “It could’ve been really a horrible feeling for us, because he had some precious (to me) heirlooms. Things that were my great-great-grandfather’s. It was good to get those back.”

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Mike: “They asked me if he had some facial hair and I said ‘No, he didn’t’. But when we looked closely at the video, he clearly had a beard. And so they would have never arrested him on my description.”

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