Motor insurance - ncd - The impact of claims

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If you make a claim on your policy, you could lose some or all of your No Claim Discount or NCD even if the incident wasn’t your fault.

For example, your NCD would be affected if you claim because your car is stolen or if you find it’s been damaged but can’t identify who did it.

Rules vary between insurers, although normally your premium will stay the same until your next renewal. When you make a claim we can’t usually tell you exactly how this will affect your future premiums, and we don’t set prices that far ahead, and your circumstances may change.

We’ll contact you, as usual, a few weeks before your renewal date to confirm any change to your NCD, premium and policy terms.

If you have an accident and get into a dispute with another driver or their insurer over who was at fault you’ll usually find that your NCD is affected until your insurer resolves the issue. If it’s settled in your favour, your NCD will go back to what it was before and you’ll be refunded any premium overpayment.

Many insurers will reduce your NCD if you’re involved in an accident with an insured driver that wasn’t your fault. Aviva won’t penalise you for this but you need to provide us with details of the other driver and vehicle.

We understand how important your NCD is to you, so we offer you the option of protecting it. You can read full details about how on our website.

And that’s it – insurance made a little easier.

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