Parenting past the pandemic

Listen to our podcast starring Vernon Kay and Holly Mackay

Parenting past the pandemic is our podcast with TV and radio legend, Vernon Kay and investment pro, Holly Mackay talking about all things parenting, particularly through difficult times. 

Joined by special guests each week, Holly and Vernon delve into today’s tricky parenting issues – sharing their own hacks and getting advice from the experts. 

Each week, Alistair McQueen, Head of Savings and Retirement at Aviva, gave his thoughts on how you can prepare for your family’s future too.

#1 Online safety and social media

Social media – it’s a staple in our kids’ lives, but how big an impact does it really have? 

In this first episode, Holly and Vernon ask how safe our little (and not so little) ‘uns are when they’re scrolling, posting and tweeting away. Heart Radio and Made by Mamma podcast’s Zoe Hardman shares her story on just how much social media can affect our children.  

And Holly and Vernon take a closer look at how easy it is for kids to hit buy when playing games online. 

Read about saving for your kids.

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#2 Managing modern anxieties

Our kids are coming up against challenges we never faced ourselves. We want to help, but how much can we really relate? 

In episode two, Holly and Vernon are joined by Emmanuel Asuquo – financial adviser and dad to four kids, aged between eight and one. They share their views on the anxieties children face today and how we can support them through these confusing times. 

Read about understanding risk in investments.

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#3 Bridging the generational gap

How comfortable are you having those difficult – even awkward – conversations with your kids? And what can we do to help bridge the gap between grandparents and grandkids? 

This week Holly and Vernon look at how we can bring the generations closer together. They’re joined by Simon Thomas, former Blue Peter and Sky Sports presenter to talk about one of the hardest things any family can face – coping with the loss of a loved one. 

Read about whether we should pay grandparents for help or not.

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#4 Being a role model for your kids

“Do what I do” or “do as I say” – which do you tell your kids?  

Lockdown and home schooling mean some kids are seeing more of their mums or dads than ever before. This week, Holly and Vernon are joined by Alison Perry from the Not Another Mummy blog and podcast to talk parenting habits. Are we acting the same as always? Or are we changing the way we do things to be the role models we think we need to be?

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#5 The world my children will grow into

Climate change. Recession. Politics. All tricky topics to slip into conversations with our kids – but they’re ones that’ll have a big impact on their futures. 

In this episode, Holly and Vernon speak to Honest Mum’s Vicky Psarias and ask how we can talk to our kids about these issues to get them ready for what’s to come. 

Read about why you should talk to your kids about money.

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#6 The changing family unit

In this final episode, Holly and Vernon delve deep into divorce and are joined by family law barrister, Paula Rhone-Adrien who shares expert advice on how to help your kids cope during difficult family break-ups. 

Read about why post-divorce pensions are important.

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