Change your investment choice

Changing how your pension plan is invested is easy. There are two simple ways of doing it:

Change it online

You can request to change your investment choice at any time through your MyAviva account. You’ll also see how any changes you’re planning could affect your retirement income.

Change it by phone

Alternatively, call our friendly pensions team to change your investment choice over the phone.

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Calls may be monitored and/or recorded.

Will I be charged for changing my investment?

Not usually. You can usually change your investment choice for free, unless you do it an excessive number of times.

You might have to pay more in fund charges, though, if you move to a fund with higher charges. So before changing anything, check the appropriate fund factsheets for details of any charges you’ll have to pay.

WC03115 04/2017

Learn the basics

Before taking any decisions, make sure you know the basics of investing first.

Choosing your own funds?

Read through our fund factsheets and performance data before deciding which ones to pick.

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Need some advice?

If you’d like a hand deciding where to invest your money, a financial adviser could help.

For more information about getting financial advice, visit our financial advice page.

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