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Want to alter where your pension plan is invested? Here you’ll find details of the different options you can choose from.

Low-involvement investment options

A range of options where we make most of the investment decisions, so you don’t have to.

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High-involvement investment options

If you’d like to be more hands-on with how your money is invested, these options could be for you.

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Where’s my money invested now?

You can check where your money is invested in any one of three ways:

  1. Check your policy schedule or latest annual statement.
  2. MyAviva
  3. Contact us

Tip: Unless you’ve selected another option, your money will be invested using the default investment option for your employer’s scheme (see below for more details).

Your scheme’s default investment approach

Every pension scheme has a default investment approach, where your money will be automatically invested unless you choose a different one.

In most cases, your scheme’s default approach will be either a ‘lifestage’ or ‘lifestyle’ investment approach. With these types of investment approach, your money is invested for growth when you’re still a way off from retirement. Then, as you get closer to it, we move your money into different funds. We do this to prepare your pension pot for how you intend to take your retirement benefits. For more information on your options for using your pension money at retirement, please visit

You should check that the objective of the default fund or whichever investment option you choose, matches how you intend to use your pension pot in retirement.

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Your employer will give you details of their scheme’s default approach when you’ve become a member of the scheme.

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Learn the basics

Before taking any decisions, make sure you know the basics of investing first.

Choosing your own funds?

Read through our fund factsheets and performance data before deciding which ones to pick.

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Need some advice?

If you’d like a hand deciding where to invest your money, a financial adviser could help.

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