Aerial inspection capability

Drones are becoming an increasingly useful risk management tool across a lot of industries. At a time when businesses are expected to be more efficient in how they deliver services, undertaking risk surveys using drones can support them to achieve their ambitions. 

We're able to provide inhouse aerial inspections as part of our risk management service.

Gathering data about your business quickly and accurately in hard to reach places can help to reduce costs, manage risks effectively and encourage ongoing maintenance schedules. 

What can Drones be used for?

Building condition surveys

Check the condition of your building, lightening protection, plant and equipment infrastructure - any specific ongoing, planned or recent project work to check condition, workmanship or waste removal

Drainage inspection

Gutters, potential water damage and downpipes - helps identify maintenance and weather related issues before there is a problem

Access to rooftop and other hard to reach areas

Minimal disruption to your business, no need for working at height or costly access solutions

Roof dimensions

Provide precise roof measurements 

Capture unique aerial pictures of your building

High definition images that can identify potential risks and help you to take mitigating action where needed 

Detailed output report

 Analysed by your risk consultant and tailored to your property

Qualified Risk Consultants

All pilots have completed the mandatory training required to obtain Permission by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and hold the relevant Public Liability insurance. All drone flights will be undertaken in accordance with the Air Navigation Order 2016 and Aviva Flight Operations Manual and subject to a pre-site and onsite survey and risk assessment.

Find out more

To find out more about our Aerial Inspection capability, please speak to your Risk Consultant.

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