Virtual Risk Management

Being on hand to provide risk management advice to our clients is part of our standard offering. Sometimes, you might just need a second pair of eyes to ensure procedures are being carried out correctly or to help with a specific risk management query.

Our Virtual Risk Management service means our risk management team can provide advice and support in a timely manner. Virtual Risk Management is the perfect solution to enhance our relationship with you.

Did you know?


Risk Consultants available to provide
focused risk management advice 


virtual miles were saved by our
Risk Consultants in 2020*1

18 tonnes

 of CO2 emissions were saved in 2020
by utilising this technology*2

To find out more, watch our video here. 

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To find out more about our Virtual Risk Management service, please download our one pager to find out more. 

*These figures are based on Virtual Risk Management calls completed in 2020

1 Used average of 54 miles for out of area surveys. Out of area > 150 miles.

2 Carbon Footprint Calculation (Tonnes) – Based upon assumption of an Average Diesel Car