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Art, leisure and hospitality

The art, leisure and hospitality must protect the health and safety of workers and those participating in the activities they manage. To achieve this companies operating in this sector should apply risk management principles to their operations.

Core considerations

This sector is very broad and it is not possible to cover every health and safety consideration here– however activity specific information may be available from relevant governing bodies and associations.

Your clients should review the following key areas.

Employee engagement
This industry is known for employing a high proportion of casual staff and migrant workers. It is important to ensure that these staff know and understand the health and safety policies in place and the duties they place on them as an employee.
Kitchen safety
Within the hospitality sector 25% of all employee injuries occur in the kitchen. Slips, trips, cuts, handling and exposure to hot and harmful substances are the priority areas according to accident statistics.
Hazardous substances
Hazardous substances found in this sector include strong cleaning and disinfecting agents and chemicals used in pool water treatment. Clients should consider a control of substances hazardous to health (COSHH) risk assessment.
Public and employers' liability
The most common causes of accidents to members of the public are slips and trips. In order to minimise the risk it's important that food spillages are cleaned up immediately, that the floor is kept in good condition and that that trip hazards are removed.
The threat of violence is a common problem across this sector. For those in the hospitality sector, the consumption of alcohol increases the chances of incidents escalating to violence. Alcohol is a factor in 10% of pub staff injuries. In the art world, staff safety is a concern if the artefacts they work with are attractive to thieves.
Crowd control and emergency evacuation
Any business that runs venues, organises events or manages places that attract crowds must have a health and safety management system that anticipates, monitors and controls potential crowd risks.
There is evidence that exposure to live music can cause hearing damage. The noise regulations require that employers manage the risk to their employees and implement effective controls.

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