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Environmental goods and services

Sourcing electricity from renewable sources is on the increase. The health and safety risks associated with solar power, wind power and energy from waste are explored below.

Core considerations

Your clients should review the following key areas.

Working at height
Working at height is a key risk for both solar and wind power suppliers. It is important that the risk is assessed to allow appropriate control measures to be identified and implemented. Staff training, the use of harnesses and the identification of appropriate access methods are all likely to feature.
Slips and trips
Slips and trips are another key concern, particularly for offshore operations where surfaces are likely to be wet. Good housekeeping, maintenance and selection of floor surface all help to reduce the risk.
Contact with moving machinery
The wind turbines used to harness wind energy move as part of the process. Processes need to be in place to minimise the danger of coming into contact with the moving machinery.
Offshore construction risks
The construction of offshore wind turbine facilities is a high risk activity in itself. Diving is likely to be required as part of the build and the risks inherent with this activity need to be carefully managed. Large waves are also likely to play there part.
Energy from waste
Energy from waste technology burns waste in a combustion plant or produces biofuels by composting or chemical processes. The hazards associated with handling waste are removed by the use of handling aids. The hazards associated with the use of burning, compressed gas and chemical must be managed by experts.

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