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Health, social care and community services

The risk management considerations in this sector are varied and far reaching. Guidance on some of the key issues is supplied below.

Core considerations

Your clients should review the following key areas.

Slips and trips
2009/10 HSE statistics show that over 1600 health sector workers suffered a major injury because of a slip or trip in the workplace. Most slips happen on contaminated or wet floors whilst poor housekeeping is the most common cause of trips. Simple changes to procedures can therefore hugely reduce this problem.
Moving and handling
According to HSE statistics 40% of work-related sickness absence amongst health and social carer workers is the result of moving and handling injuries. Health sector workers have to move equipment and patients. The provision of handling aids such as hoists can remove the need for manual handling completely. Manual handling training on good lifting techniques can also reduce the risk of injury.
HSE statistics show that health and social care workers are four times more likely to experience work related violence and aggression than other workers. Systems need to be put in place to prevent or reduce aggressive behaviour.
Lone Working
Lone working is common amongst employees within this sector. It is important that potential hazards are identified and measures are in place to control or avoid such risks.
Display screen equipment
Work-related repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) are increasingly common for employees using computer-based technology for prolonged periods. It's a legal requirement to assess all workstations and provide appropriate aids to limit such injuries.
Legal precedent shows that employers have a clear duty to support their employees who have been diagnosed as suffering from work-related stress or where this has been brought on through bullying or harassment at work.

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