Protecting Your Business in Lockdown #2

Now is the time to to put lessons from the previous lockdown into practice.

Now is not the time, as we move into another state of lockdown, to lessen our focus on those areas that can have a dramatic impact on our business, if not managed correctly. Whilst the focus will be on surviving, adapting and evolving from this crisis, it must be done in a safe way. Those very real risks to businesses must be understood and managed at a level that won’t be detrimental to their future.

It is of course of great importance that those lessons, from the previous lockdown, are now put into practice. What worked well, what didn’t, and what needs to change and the impact, if any, the winter season will also now bring. Whilst lockdown will be front of mind, we also need to ensure we are protected against the likes of storm damage and flooding, water leaks, through burst pipes, adverse weather, driving and accidents through slips, trips and falls.

Every business has likely felt the impact, in some way, of the ongoing pandemic - the disruption, and to some the opportunity, that this has brought. This latest lockdown, however long it lasts, will bring new risks including temporary closures and unoccupied properties, migration to homeworking and the impact on our health this can have, cyber-attacks when some are at their most vulnerable, and many more changes to the way enterprises need to operate. During this period, it is extremely important that these changes are managed effectively, the risks understood and measures put into place that will help protect the future of each of our worlds.

Aviva Risk Management Solutions has produced guidance around many of the key areas, in support of helping businesses navigate through these uncertain times, including:

Through our Specialist Partner Network, we also provide access to COVID-19 Business Support solutions, from supporting your PPE requirements, infection control, building your business resilience to digital checklist platforms to help keep you safe. These services and solutions as well as further guidance, information and support on a range of topics can be accessed on our COVID-19 Guidance and Support page.