Winter lockdown: tackling uncertainty with focused risk management and prevention

As we move into the new year with the bleak realisation that the pandemic will continue to control our lives for a while longer, it is imperative we consider all the variables to our business.

As we move into the new year with the bleak realisation that the pandemic will continue to control our lives for a while longer, it is imperative we consider all the variables to our business. The fundamentals for each business differ, as you would expect, but what is common, what is fundamental to each business is the need to focus on risk management. Whether this is how you manage change within your business, the health and wellbeing of your staff, supply chains for stock, raw materials or even machine inventory, to name but a few – how you manage what is important to your business must ensure the appropriate level of risk management focus and ensure it is embedded in everything you do. Your prosperity, or even your survival could depend on it.

With more and more businesses temporarily closing, the need to shutdown operations safely has never been more important and particularly during the winter months with the possibility of flooding and that it may get even colder. Our updated Temporary Mothballing and Shutdown of Premises & Operating Plants - Winter 2021 Edition (3.4 MB) Loss Prevention Standard will support this transition and details some of the various aspects you will need to consider during the cold winter spell. And with the increased risk of flood, our Commercial Flood Guide (7.4 MB) is also available to support you.

The continually changing macro-economic environment, combined with  businesses changing their operating models to meet the pandemic challenge, means the need to review Business Continuity Management and Planning (906 kB), as companies head for a ‘New Normal’, has never been more important. Any good Continuity Plan will be built from the priorities arising from Business Impact Analysis (815 kB), and see a strategy to recover or evolve to a certain position, in a certain time period. However, that target position may well have changed as a result of changes the business has put in place, or that have been forced upon them, to ensure they survive or prosper during the current challenges. Our updated UK Lockdown, Pandemic Recovery and the Post-Pandemic Business World (2.1 MB) Loss Prevention Standard provide practical business continuity guidance for businesses in and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is imperative that businesses continue to remain Covid-Secure, our trusted Specialist Partners (2.1 MB) can help here - From personal protective equipment to cleaning services, capacity control solutions and business continuity planning, our partners offer a wide range of solutions can help during lockdown and prepare for reopening in the coming months.

 Other In-Focus Loss Prevention Standards and Guidance:

Slips, Trips and Falls Guide (12.4 MB)

Supply Chain Risk Management LPS (1.4 MB)

Managing Risks Caused by Stockpiling During Crisis Situations LPS (3.0 MB)

Unoccupied Premises LPS (2.1 MB)

Risk Assessments During Rapid Change Events (1.5 MB)

Managing Change – Property LPS (1.2 MB)

Managing Change – Liability LPS (820 kB)

For Covid-19 specific information please visit our COVID-19 Guidance and Support page.

Over the next few months, with the pandemic continuing, the weather and the effect of Brexit playing through, the impact will be felt. Now is the time to ensure the correct level of focus remains, so we can all continue to remain resilient and, as best we can, tackle the challenges head on.