Leak Detection

We can provide leak detection services through our Specialist Partner Aqualytics. These solutions are available to Aviva customers at preferential rates.

Water, wasted through leaks, costs money, damages property and can disrupt businesses. Water leaks can start off small and can be difficult to detect, but lead to large problems. Water leaks pose a problem to buildings throughout their life cycle, from construction through to day to day use and renovation.


  • Utilising WINT (water intelligence) aims to constantly monitor water systems and identify water leaks quickly
  • The units provide a real-time intelligent water management solution that enables water consumption management through advanced data analysis and control
  • The system learns the property’s water usage and detects and highlights anomalies such as leaks and inefficiencies through an online alert and reporting system


  • Stop water flow remotely to minimise damage, protect valuable assets and reduce business downtime
  •  Continuous automated monitoring with real time knowledge about leaks and unusual usage
  • Can help to reduce repair costs
  • Can help to reduce water loss

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