Our judges

Who decides which projects get funding?

Aviva Community Fund judges

96 people from a wide range of backgrounds are judging the 2018 Aviva Community Fund, our largest ever panel, leading to more passionate debate over who we award funding to than ever before.

Who are the judges?

We’ve worked hard to invite a diverse range of people to sit on our judging panels. Several are previous Aviva Community Fund winners who’ve seen the change the fund can bring to a community, and want to help bring that positive change to more people. Some have previously worked on delivering the Aviva Community Fund across our company. Others have been invited from partnering charities, suppliers, sponsors or because they’re experts in 1 of our 3 categories (skills for life, environment, health and wellbeing).

I’m really excited to be joining the panel. The Community Awards are a fantastic way to celebrate and support some of the amazing work going on around the country.

Annabel James Co Founder of Age Space

How do our judges decide who should be awarded funding?

The judging panels meet in our London office, St Helens to award the 3 levels of funding – £5,000, £10,000 and £25,000. There are 2 parts to their job:

  • First of all, the judges read through all projects they’ve been allocated and score them. They score projects based on an agreed set of criteria (impact, longevity, likelihood of success, innovation and quality of submission). The scores for each project will then be averaged out, and an aggregated score is applied to that entry.
  • Secondly, the judges meet face-to-face with the other judges that have reviewed the same projects as them – the panel will include a range of skills, backgrounds and expertise, specifically picked to create a balanced view. This panel will then discuss and come to a consensus on who they feel would benefit most, and the recipients are decided. This panel is headed by an independent chair person, to make sure that every judge has their fair say on the projects they’ve seen.

When will the results be announced?

We can’t wait to let finalists know if they’ve been successful and will be notifying them from January 24th to 7th February 2019. For those projects who don’t receive funding,we have a busy Facebook Community Group which everyone is welcome to join, where we offer relevant news, tips, free training, live Q&As with experts. It’s a great space to get support and share experiences with other community projects. Throughout 2019 we’ll also be introducing more ways to support your local community from volunteering to gaining new skills, so watch this space.