Fancy yourself as a football expert? Or a business entrepreneur?

Many football fans think they could run a club better than the current management. But is it really as easy as all that?

Do you think you have what it takes to steer your club to the top of the financial league at the end of the season?

Are you ready to find out?

Welcome to the Aviva Footy Finance programme

Over six games, we’ll give you the chance to take the top seat at a football club and test your decision making in a range of football-focused scenarios.

As you move though the games, you’ll see how your business skills, decision making and financial awareness can make all the difference. Get it right and you’ll have a profitable, thriving, business going from strength to strength. Get it wrong and you may find yourself battling to keep your club afloat.

Find yourself at the top of the Aviva Footy Finance league, and you’ll be in with a chance of winning some great prizes, so it’s all to play for!

So, have you got what it takes?

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