September goal of the month

Watch Russell Martin accept his goal of the month trophy

Video transcript

RUSSELL MARTIN: Hello and good evening. I’m here in the hotel up in Manchester with Chris Budd and Shaun Spurdens. This is Chris Budd, he’s only 23. He might look a lot older than that but he’s been here a while now. He was an integral part of our promotion squad last year. In fact he came in in January and some say he’s even more important than the gaffer!

They’re here to give me an award so I don’t know why I’m still talking. So over to you, lads.

CHRIS BUDD: Thank you, Russell. Very appropriate. The Norwich city Aviva Goal of the Month goes to Mr Russell Martin for his goal against Liverpool.

SHAUN SPURDENS: What a very memorable weekend it was for you, Russell Martin! Congratulations!

SEBASTIEN BASSONG: Goal of the Month! [Laughs] Hold on a minute! It’s because he had a baby on that night, you gave it to him!

RUSSSELL MARTIN: No it’s a unbelievable goal! It’s a potential goal of the season! Anyway, thank you very much!

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