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Useful documents

Useful documents



Employee engagement

Employee engagement

Raising awareness

To get employees interested in your scheme, it's a good idea to raise awareness of it before and after your staging date. We offer a range of first-class communication options to help you get the right messages to your workforce.

Talking pensions: Introducing our communications package (PDF 5.91MB)

Answering employees’ questions

Your employees might have a lot of questions to ask about auto-enrolment and pensions in general. So we've created a dedicated workplace pension website to explain the facts.

Free downloadable posters, leaflets and banners

Want a quick and simple way to let your employees know auto-enrolment is coming? Download these free promotional materials to use in your workplace.

Printed versions are also available for a small fee. Please speak to your adviser or contact us for details.



Our auto-enrolment tools can help you understand the potential costs of the new pension regulations - and help you perform your duties.

Contributions calculator

Our free auto-enrolment contributions modeller helps you calculate how much auto-enrolment could cost your business in pension contributions.

You can use it to:

  • Do a quick assessment of your workforce to see how many eligible, non-eligible and entitled workers you have.
  • Calculate how much auto-enrolment will cost you in pension contributions.
  • Test different contribution levels to see what they'll cost you.

Auto-enrolment Manager for Employers (AME)

Auto-enrolment Manager for Employers (AME for short) is our auto-enrolment compliance software. It helps you meet your auto-enrolment responsibilities - before and after your staging date.

Key benefits:

  • Provider-neutral, and handles multiple schemes

    If you have several defined contribution pension schemes, AME will work for them all - even those not provided by Aviva.

  • Assesses your workforce quickly and simply

    Once you've uploaded your employee data from payroll, AME will sort each staff member into the correct auto-enrolment category. It then helps you take any actions needed.

  • Automated regulatory communications

    Send the right communications, to the right staff, at the right time - all with a few mouse clicks.

  • Hassle-free continuous monitoring

    AME makes it easy for you to monitor your workforce after staging - and it helps you take any actions needed.

Find out more

For more information and pricing details, speak to your financial adviser. If you don't yet have an adviser, visit for details of advisers near you.

Video support

Video support

Please visit our video support website for video guides explaining how to use some of the auto-enrolment tools and services we offer.

Topics covered:

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