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When you’re looking at de-risking your pension scheme, it’s important to deal with people who have the right level of experience in handling bulk annuity transactions. There’s plenty to think about, and you know how important it is to make the right choices. You may need to find a employee benefit consultancy firm, who have a clear understanding of the risks you have insured and those which remain to help you with this.

Here at Aviva, we’re dedicated to offering de-risking solutions to suit all manner of pension schemes at a competitive rate. Over the last nine years we’ve completed more than 380 transactions covering over £5 billion of liabilities.

More than this, we are an organisation of history and substance – so you’ll enjoy the confidence that we will deliver our on promises and provide an expert service.

“We understand that de-risking your scheme is a very big decision. It’s probably the first time you’ve been involved in a bulk annuity deal, and they can appear to be very complicated transactions. You can depend on us to demystify the process and help you make informed decisions on key issues – you’ll get close personal attention and a very competitive process.”

Nick Johnson
Director of Bulk Purchase Annuity

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