Tailored solutions for you

Administering schemes ranging from just one member to more than 3,000, Aviva has developed a highly flexible approach to developing appropriate de-risking solutions.

The convenience of an ‘umbrella policy’ approach

You might choose to include all your scheme members in your bulk purchase annuity arrangement. Alternatively, you can add further tranches of members over time when it’s convenient to do – without needing to write a new policy.

Tailored solutions

Aviva administer schemes ranging from a single member up to those with over 3,000 members.

Solutions for smaller schemes

We’re aware not all schemes have a specialist buy-out adviser. If this applies to you and you’re interested in finding out more about de-risking options, you can contact us directly via email at bpadirect@aviva.co.uk. One of our team of experts will be able to help and will be in touch. You may also need to find a employee benefit consultancy firm, who have a clear understanding of the risks you have insured and those which remain to help you.

Please entitle your email ‘BPA direct request - <Scheme Name> and provide a contact name, number and address for the trustee board.

If you’ve requested a quote through your adviser, we’ll provide you with contact details of the individuals who’ll be your point of contact right through the de-risking journey, from start to finish.

Our pension administrators

Our in-house administration team are based in Norwich and they’ll be there to help you if you decide to proceed with us. Trustees and their members will have a direct line into named contacts in this team.

The excellent service this team delivers is due to their:

  • Knowledge – staff with a wide range of qualifications: FPMI, QPA, DPC, FA2 and FPC 1/2/3.
  • Experienced – with strong retention within the team, many of our administrators have been with the team since we entered the Bulk Annuity market in 2006.
  • Focus on continued development – on-going training and development.

You can contact the team direct on bpamail@aviva.co.uk.

Links you may find useful

To find out more about our defined benefit administration please visit:

For guidance and resources to help you in your role as a pensions trustee, we suggest visiting the Pensions Regulator’s website at:

The HMRC website http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/pensionschemes/trustee.htm will help you with your obligations as a trustee. For example, they’ll provide guidance for filing tax returns, reclaiming tax deducted from pension scheme investment income, record keeping and responding to requests for information from HMRC.

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