Additional benefits

Aviva offers you and your employees a whole spectrum of additional services and solutions

  • Access to Aviva Risk Management Solutions (ARMS)
    ARMS has been a leading provider in health, safety and environmental training and consultancy for over 20 years, providing risk advice, guidance and support to 700,000 commercial customers. Right across the UK our risk advisers are are supported by a network of highly skilled specialists who will work closely with you to understand the level and type of support you require.
  • Special discounts from our supply chain
    You can access our industry-leading Preferred Supplier Scheme. This provides generous discounts of up to 70% on a range of risk management products and services:
  • Fleet management support
    Aviva has always had a healthy appetite towards fleet business, and never more so than now. We're willing to look at non-conventional risk and hazardous goods and we'll provide cover for accidental damage on specialist plant. We never forget you have a business to run and we have an extensive UK-wide footprint to ensure we can meet the needs of your drivers at all times.

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