Group Cancer Cover

How does this policy work?

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Please note: Group Cancer Cover is provided and underwritten by Friends Life Ltd, part of the Aviva Group. The following information is for employers only and not for use with employees.

Affordable, simple and easy to administer

Group Cancer Cover is an affordable, employer paid benefit that’s simple and easy to administer. It provides a tax free lump sum benefit of £25,000 if your employee is diagnosed with cancer, which is designed to help meet the everyday costs associated with the disease. Please note that this policy has no surrender value.

Payment of the benefit is subject to a survival period of 14 days from the diagnosis. We provide an optional benefit that employers can select at policy set up, which provides some cover for employees who have been previously diagnosed with cancer. A benefit would be payable for a diagnosis of a new, unrelated cancer as defined by the policy terms.

The benefits of Group Cancer Cover include:

  • Fixed lump sum benefit of £25,000 to the member.
  • Payment on diagnosis of cancer, as defined in the policy, provided your employee survives for at least 14 days.
  • Includes some protection for employees who have been previously diagnosed with cancer.
  • The actual cost may be further reduced by Corporation Tax relief.
  • Easy to set up and administer.
  • Simple annual accounting process.
  • Emotional and practical support from trained nurses.
  • Expert medical information, advice and second opinions.

The lump sum benefit is usually free of all taxes to your employee. Your premiums count as a benefit in kind for employees. However, HM Revenue and Customs practice and tax rules may change in the future and depend on the Company's and Individual's circumstances.

We offer Group Cancer Cover to all employers with 50 or more eligible members. Eligibility must be clearly defined. There is no restriction on nature of business, regardless of occupation.

Terms and condition apply, please read our technical guide (PDF 462KB) for more information.

Why is cancer cover important?

Over 700,000 people of "working age" are living with cancer in the UK (based on people living up to 20 years post a cancer diagnosis).1

By 2020 nearly one in two people are expected to be diagnosed with cancer over their lifetime but 38% will not die from the disease.1

Four in ten people who are working when diagnosed have to make changes to their working lives after cancer. 2

4 in 5 people diagnosed with cancer are financially affected and on average are £570 per month worse off 3

Source: 1 Macmillan Cancer Support Research, 2013. 2 YouGov Survey 2010. 3 Macmillan, the hidden price tag 2012

Extra care at no extra cost

As a member of a Group Cancer Cover scheme your employees have access to a range of additional services from trained professionals at no extra cost.

RedArc nurses

RedArc is a Personal Nurse Advice service which has been supporting people with serious health conditions for 18 years. For an employee diagnosed with cancer, their service can help them and their family.

At the heart of the service is the Personal Nurse Adviser, a highly experienced registered nurse who will provide tailored support to meet each person’s particular circumstances.

The Personal Nurse Adviser will be available by telephone to provide practical and emotional support for as long as needed.

Also, where appropriate, they can arrange:

  • A one-off home visit or series of telephone support calls from a Specialist Cancer Nurse or
  • A course of therapy i.e. counselling or complementary or occupational therapy or
  • A face to face second medical opinion from a UK-based specialist

Find out more about RedArc.

Best Doctors®

Best Doctors provides expert medical information, advice and second opinions, connecting members to world-leading medical expertise. The service is available to everyone covered by Group Cancer Cover. This extra value service is provided as standard but is non-contractual and may be withdrawn by the Aviva Group at any time without notice.

Find out more about Best Doctors (PDF 742KB)

Best Doctors is a registered trademark of Best Doctors, inc. Used with permission.

All of these services are confidential and the service providers will not share with us any personal information which is provided to them.

For more information please contact your usual financial adviser.

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