Group Cancer Cover

Making a difference

Please note: Group Cancer Cover is provided and underwritten by Friends Life Ltd, part of the Aviva Group. The following information is for employers only and not for use with employees.

Coping with cancer is difficult and each person deals with it in a different way. What is common is the support that’s needed, both emotionally and financially. The scenario below is fictional, however it demonstrates how our Group Cancer Cover helps.

A young professional lady worked as a manager within a firm of architects. During a recent check-up with her doctor a small lump was found in her breast. Shortly after she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Whilst wanting to stay at work, she had to take time off to recover and reduced her hours, which meant her income reduced.

If her employer had Group Cancer Cover in place, she could have received a lump sum of £25,000 which would have eased her concerns about finance. She would also have heard about the added benefit of talking to independent trained nurses that she had access to through this cover. Her RedArc personal nurse adviser would then have telephoned regularly and explained all about her cancer and her treatment. The personal nurse adviser would have provided practical and emotional support, helped her overcome some of her fears and given her personal recommendations as to how she could cope better whilst receiving her treatment. In addition, her personal nurse adviser would have sent her relevant literature and given her information about local charities and support groups.

Both the financial and personal support would have helped her overcome her illness and helped her to return to work full time again.

If this was one of your employees and you had Group Cancer Cover in place and they were eligible to make a claim, you'd be helping them by:

  • Providing financial assistance when it’s needed most.
  • Providing added services such as personal support from trained personal nurses.

The RedArc services are non-contractual benefits that can be withdrawn at any time without notice.

For more information please contact your usual financial adviser.

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