Group Critical Illness

How does this policy work?

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Group Critical Illness cover is designed to make a payment if your employees are diagnosed with a critical illness or undergo one of the specified operations (that meets our policy definition) and survive for at least 14 days. From the start we'll do everything we can to help you put your Group Critical Illness policy into place. We aim to deliver:

  • Efficiency. To minimise disruption to your business we'll aim to set up your Group Critical Illness policy as quickly as possible, subject to exclusions on pre-existing conditions. This means there will be no medical underwriting requirements for your employees.
  • Affordability. Keeping costs down is also a priority to any business, you can choose whether to take out an extended policy which covers more conditions or opt for standard cover to help contain costs.
  • Flexibility. Not every business wants the same level of cover so we've designed Group Critical lllness that you can flex to meet your needs. For example, you can choose whether or not you would like to include your employee’s spouse or civil partner under the policy. The policy also covers member’s children for a a benefit of 25% of the member’s benefit (up to a maximum of £20,000) with no limit of the number of children covered. Children are covered for a range of child specific illness and conditions as well as the adult conditions.

Low costs, minimum administration and excellent efficiency

Costs, administration and efficiency are important to every business, so we'll match the policy to suit your needs. We prefer information about your employees to be provided in electronic format. This not only helps us, but also helps you in the future, as renewals and changes to member information can then be collated easily, with minimum disruption to your business.

Helping you help your employees

Group Critical Illness pays out a lump sum if your employee is diagnosed with a critical illness or undergoes one of the operations that meet our policy definition. We only cover critical illnesses that are defined within our policy and no others. We'll pay eligible claims promptly, which means that your employees can rely on us for financial support if they suffer from a predefined illness or condition. We'll also do all we can to help them, their family, and their colleagues at a difficult time.

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