Group Critical Illness

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Please note: The following information relates to policies quoted before 28 September 2015.

Your Group Critical Illness policy will pay a lump sum if an employee is diagnosed with a critical illness that meets our policy definition.

If an eligible claim is made, then we'll pay a lump sum of up to 5 x the salary or £500,000 (whichever is lower). For total permanent disability, we will pay the lump sum after your employee has been continuously and permanently disabled for six months.

How does this policy work?

Efficiency. To minimise disruption to your business we'll aim to set up your Group Critical Illness policy as quickly as possible, subject to exclusions on pre-existing conditions. This means there will be no medical underwriting requirements for the majority of your employees.

Affordability. Keeping costs down is also a priority to any business, you can choose whether to take out an extended policy which covers more conditions or opt for standard cover to help contain costs.

Flexibility. Not every business wants the same level of cover so we've designed it so you can increase or decrease your employees cover to meet your needs. For example, you can choose whether or not you would like to include your employees' spouse or civil partners under the policy. Children also receive cover for up to 25% of the employee's benefit (up to a maximum of £20,000 gross).

Making a claim

You'll need to let us know about a claim as soon as possible, no later than three months after the diagnosis of a critical illness or operation covered by the policy. We realise that a claim means you'll also be dealing with a reduced staffing level, which could have increased overheads, so we'll do everything we can to support your employee and pay the benefit promptly.

Starting a claim

Your employee - their spouse, civil partner or child - must have been diagnosed with a critical illness or undergone a specified operation, and have survived for 14 days after the date of diagnosis or operation. For total permanent disability claims, your employee must have been continuously and permanently disabled for six months, so that we can assess the extent of their disablement. A claim can be started by phoning or emailing us. We'll then send out two claim forms:

  • The first will be for you, as the policyholder we'll ask you for confirmation of general cover details, and this form will need to be signed by one of your officials (often a director of the firm or your company secretary).
  • The second form will be for your employee, asking for more specific information about their illness or operation and any treatment.

Everything is handled sensitively, and all of our documentation remains confidential. We realise that a claim can have a significant effect on staff morale, as well as affect productivity. We'll try to make everything as stress-free as possible and if we need extra information, such as birth certificates or medical reports, we'll let you know.

Assessing and paying a claim

When we have all the information we require, we'll assess the claim. If we need more information on medical details, we'll pay for all associated costs. There may be circumstances in which we require an independent medical examination, but we'll let you know if this is the case.

Frequently asked questions

Does every employee have to be covered at the same level?

You could group your employees into categories, and then assign different benefit levels to each category. Directors, for example, may be covered for a higher lump sum than other staff.

Are my employees based overseas covered?

We will consider covering employees who live overseas, as long as they have a contract of employment with a UK company covered by the policy.

What happens if we want to add employees to the scheme?

We'll help you by keeping your administration to a minimum, so we'll just ask for details of new joiners and confirmation of their start date to the scheme, when applicable.

What happens when someone makes a claim?

If one of your employees is diagnosed with a critical illness or has an operation covered by the policy, you need to let us know within three months. There will be two forms to complete, one by you, and one by your employee. We will pay a lump sum to your employee if they are diagnosed with one of the specified illnesses or undergo one of the specified operations (surviving for 14 days after diagnosis or an operation). For claims relating to permanent disability, a member must be continuously and permanently disabled for six months before we will pay a lump sum.

Can more than one claim be paid under the policy?

Each covered employee can make more than one claim, providing each one is for a different and unrelated condition. Multiple claims do not apply to cover for spouses, civil partners and children.

Paying a claim?

When we accept a claim and agree to make a payment, the lump sum will be sent directly to your employee. For claims relating to Illness or injury suffered by spouses, civil partners or an employee's child, we'll cancel cover for those individuals at that point.

Will my premiums stay the same each year?

If the factors we use to calculate your premium don't change, then we can usually guarantee your premium for two years from the start of the policy.

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