Group Critical Illness

Making a claim

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Please note: This information refers to Group Protection policies quoted after 28 September 2015.

Your employee, their spouse, partner or a child, must have been diagnosed with a critical illness or undergone a specified operation that meets our policy definition, and have survived for at least 14 days.

You'll need to let us know about a claim as soon as possible, no later than three months after the diagnosis of a critical illness or operation covered by the policy. Once we receive that information, we’ll aim to make things as simple as possible for you and your employee.

Starting a claim

A claim can be started by calling or emailing us. We'll then send out two claim forms:

  • The first will be for you, as the policyholder, we'll ask you for confirmation of general cover details, and this form will need to be signed by one of your officials (often a director of the firm or your company secretary).
  • The other form will be for your employee, asking for more specific information about the illness or operation and any treatment.

Everything is handled sensitively, and all of our documentation remains confidential. We realise that a claim like this can have a significant effect on staff morale, as well as affect productivity. We'll try to make everything as stress-free as possible and if we need extra information, such as birth certificates or medical reports, we'll let you know.

With our experience in the Group Protection market, we always try to provide support for you and your employees if they need to make a claim. We'll also help family members affected with the illness deal with the practical and financial strains. Our claims team are trained to deal with the sensitive and emotional nature of a Group Critical Illness claim, and we'll support and answer any queries you or your employees may have.

Assessing and paying a claim

When we have all the information we require, we'll assess the claim. If we require more medical details, we'll pay for all associated costs. There may be circumstances when we require an independent medical examination, but we'll let you know if this is the case.

When we accept a claim and agree to make a payment we will let you and your employee know and the lump sum will be sent directly to your employee. For claims relating to illness or operation suffered by a spouse, partner or an employee's child, once their claim has been paid out their cover will cease.

For claims relating to the employee the cover will still continue for that employee but we won’t pay any second claim for the same or related critical illness or operation. There is an optional benefit that you can select when setting up the policy, which provides some cover for employees who have been previously diagnosed with cancer. A benefit would be payable on diagnosis of a new, unrelated cancer as defined by the policy terms. Please see our Policy terms and conditions (PDF 910KB) or technical guide (PDF 1030KB) for full details. Please note, pre-existing conditions are excluded.

We treat illness or operation in those circumstances as a pre-existing condition, however, if one of your employees has been paid a lump sum by the scheme and then suffer a different critical illness or undergo a further operation covered by the policy, we may also pay a lump sum.

Extra care at no extra cost

As a member of a Group Critical Illness scheme your employees have access to a range of additional services from trained professionals at no extra cost.

Best Doctors®

Best Doctors provides expert medical information, advice and second opinions, connecting members to world-leading medical expertise. The service is available to everyone covered by a Group Critical Illness product, their spouse/partner and any dependant children (including legally adopted children and stepchildren) at any time. This extra value service is provided as standard but is non-contractual and may be withdrawn by us at any time without notice.

Find out more about Best Doctors(PDF 742KB)

Best Doctors is a registered trademark of Best Doctors, inc. Used with permission.


RedArc offers a long term Personal Nurse Adviser service that provides practical advice and emotional support following a cancer diagnosis. The service is provided by telephone and available at claims stage to members and their families. RedArc nurses take the time to understand each member’s specific diagnosis and talk to them about what they’re going through. This service provides one-on-one ongoing support with the same Personal Nurse Adviser for as long as required.

We understand that it can be a difficult time for members to talk about their diagnosis, so they don’t have to talk to RedArc straight away. They don’t have to talk to them at all. It’s up to them.

This service is non-contractual benefit that can be withdrawn at any time by Aviva without notice.

Stress Helpline

The 24/7 Stress Helpline provided by Care first gives employees access to an ‘in the moment’ helpline handled by BACP accredited counsellors that assists callers with regaining some sense of control when overwhelmed. This is achieved by providing on the spot support, which allows callers space to 'off load' and gain new perspective. This one-off counselling facility provides practical strategies and caller 'empowerment' not just to feel better but to do something about the situation they face.

All of these services are confidential and the service providers will not share with us any personal information which is provided to them.

All these services are non-contractual benefits that can be withdrawn at any time by Aviva without notice.

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