Public liability insurance

Public liability insurance

If you own or run a small business, it’s important to have public liability insurance. It protects you against accidental injury and property damage claims from customers, visitors and people you visit in the course of your work.

If you have one to nine people in your business you can buy online. If you have more than nine people you can buy Public liability insurance through a broker

Why choose our public liability insurance?

  • £1 million protection as standard (you can increase it to £2 million or £5 million).
  • Covers legal defence costs and compensation you owe.
  • Covers injury to working partners (if your business is a partnership).
  • Covers accidental damage to employees’ and visitors’ vehicles and personal belongings in your custody and control where you are legally liable.
  • £500 compensation per day if you need to attend court (£250 for your employees).
  • Covers you if legally liable to pay compensation under the Data Protection Act.
  • Free 24/7 legal and tax helpline. Confidential support on key issues like employment disputes.
  • Employee counselling service – advice to help your staff deal with issues both inside and outside of work like bereavement.

Plus – boost your cover with these optional extras:

You can add these optional extras when you apply for our public liability Insurance.

Employers’ liability insurance

Cover that protects you against injury or illness claims from your employees.

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Tools, stock and business equipment cover

Cover that protects the essential items you need to run your business against loss, damage or theft.

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What is public liability insurance?

Our public liability insurance covers compensation payments and any associated legal costs if you or your employees are held responsible for causing injury to a member of the general public, or the loss of or damage to their property.

Our public liability insurance also includes products liability cover at no extra cost. This protects your business from compensation and associated legal costs if a product you make or supply causes injury to someone or damages their property.

Why do I need public liability insurance?

You should seriously consider having public liability insurance if your business has any contact with the general public (including your customers).

Here are some examples showing why you might need cover.

  • If a customer sustained major injuries falling through an open hatch in their home, which was left unguarded by a contractor working for you.
    • You could be prosecuted and have to pay substantial compensation to the customer.
  • If you accidentally damaged specialist equipment belonging to an independent contractor while working at their site.
    • The contractor could sue you for compensation, which could cost you thousands.
  • If a client visited your home office, tripped over a laptop extension cable and fractured their wrist.
    • Your client could sue you for compensation.

Without public liability cover you’d have to pay these claims yourself, which could have a serious financial impact on your business.

How much cover do I need?

The amount of cover you need will depend on the type and size of business you run. We offer £1 million cover as standard, which you can increase to £2 million or £5 million.

If you operate in a high risk industry you may need more than our standard cover. For example, it’s quite common for local authority contracts to ask for a £5 million cover limit.