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There’s a lot involved in preparing for auto-enrolment. While you’re probably up to speed on what happens when, it’s useful to have a tool you can trust to help your clients.

Our auto-enrolment planner takes your clients through each stage of the process; prompting them and providing support and information to complete each step. It allows you to create new templates and plans, meaning you can tailor the journey to the most bespoke of client needs. And by allowing you to track multiple clients at once, you’ll be able to monitor progress at ease.

Explore our Auto-enrolment planning tool


You’ll need to provide your clients with an accurate assessment of how much auto-enrolment will cost their business.

We provide a free, detailed auto-enrolment costs report. It allows you to break down the cost of auto-enrolment for your client, factoring in different contribution rates and scheme management charges. You can even look ahead to see how phased contribution rates will affect the cost of your clients workplace pension scheme over time.

Create an auto-enrolment costs report


By the time your clients staging date arrives, they should have a good idea of what their future auto-enrolment duties will be and have their workplace pension scheme in place. Your clients will need to be in a position where they are ready to enrol eligible employees into their pension scheme.

The earlier your clients start to get ready for auto-enrolment, the less likely they are to be caught out by their staging date.

To get your clients started, apply for a quote for an Aviva workplace pension scheme.

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Once your clients’ pension schemes are up and running, they’ll be given access to our training website, which will help and support them through the set up and on-going administration of their scheme. This includes auto enrolment rules and legislation. Our UK based helpdesk can answer any queries your clients may have.

Our Workplace Pension Portal allows you to service multiple clients’ pension schemes under a single log-in. You can use our Workplace Pension Portal to add and remove scheme members, do day-to-day admin and securely upload payments.

Workplace Pension Portal

Why choose us

We can provide an easy-to-manage workplace pension scheme for businesses of all sizes:

Financial strength

Our workplace pension is 5 star defaqto rated and exceeds The Pension Regulator’s criteria. Aviva’s brand strength and legacy will resonate well with your clients.

Outstanding support

Access to UK-based telephone, email and Livechat support at all setup stages from our dedicated teams, plus auto-enrolment software that can be tailored to your needs.

Small business specialists

Unlike many other providers, our workplace pension is designed for businesses of all sizes; even if your client only employs one person, we can still offer an auto-enrolment solution.

For you & your client

  • Reports that explain the costs of auto-enrolment simply to your clients
  • High quality supporting software, information and resources
  • Software that makes uploading payroll data seamless

For the scheme members

  • A low member annual fund charge that never exceeds 0.75%
  • A workplace pension they can keep if/when they switch employer
  • Access to great discounts and savings through Aviva advantages

Why choose our workplace pension

Workplace Pension Provider of the year, 2016
By Payroll world Awards

Auto-enrolment 5 star rating, 2017
By Defaqto

Our charges

In order to run your client’s scheme and provide them with the best support, tools and services, we charge a monthly fee.

Monthly ongoing charges
For your client (employers) Typically between £30 and £50 a month
For employees No monthly admin charges. An annual fund charge is applicable (maximum 0.75% per year, in line with government requirements for the default fund).

If you want to see how much your client’s scheme is likely to cost

Check our prices

Or if you are looking for a detailed auto-enrolment costs report

Costs calculator

Ready to apply

  • Stage 1Get a quick quote to see how much it costs
  • Stage 2Complete your application in 15 minutes
  • Stage 3We’ll send the application to your client to accept
  • Stage 4Start to manage your client scheme online

Things needed in hand to apply

Aviva account number

If you’re not sure if you have an Aviva account, or you already have one but you’ve forgotten the number, give us a call - 0800 151 2554. Your account number is also known as your agency code.

If you don’t have one please apply for an Aviva account

Client’s business details

You’ll need your client’s business name, address/es, registration number plus their scheme start date– You’ll also need to have your own details to hand.

Key scheme contacts

You’ll need details of who will be the scheme administrator, who will manage the scheme, as well as authorised signatories and contacts for invoicing and legal notices.

Check our prices and apply now

Our Investment options

Our workplace pension provides a good quality, compliant, default investment solution with full governance. And, for those of your clients employees’ who want more say in their investments, they can choose from a range of over 200 investment funds; including a Sharia and ethical funds.

Whichever option your clients’ workforce decides on, they can manage their pension investment online and switch between options without incurring any additional processing charges.

To learn more about our investment approach

Payroll integration

Our workplace pension is designed to be compatible with all types of payroll software.

With certain types of payroll software, we can provide complete payroll integration, providing your clients with a faster and more secure way to run their workplace pension scheme.

Whatever type of payroll software is used, we’ll provide the scheme administrator with the training and support they need.

Learn more about payroll

To get you started

Use our tools and set up your Aviva account to start your Auto-enrolment journey

Free adviser tool kit

To help you to support your employer clients through this process, we’ve put together a free toolkit which will help make things easier.

Popular tools

Auto-enrolment planner
Our interactive planner for everything that needs to happen, who does what, why, and when...

Auto-enrolment costs calculator
To help your clients to understand the auto-enrolment costs

Aviva account

If you’re not sure if you have an account, or already have one but you’ve forgotten the number, give us a call - 0800 151 2554. Your account number is also known as your agency code.

If you don’t already have an Aviva account, you’ll need one to get things started.

What are customers saying about our workplace pension?


“I felt my overall experience with Aviva auto-enrolment was liberating – it was taken out of my hands and done for me”

Liz Jackson
The York Priory B&B

Video transcript

Hi, I’m Liz Jackson and I’m the third generation of Jackson to run and own the York Priory

The very first time I heard about auto-enrolment was when a letter dropped on my doormat with ‘auto-enrolment’ written on it and ‘this is not a circular’

*Statistic* - Around 800,000 businesses are due to stage in 2017/18.

Source – The Pensions Regulator

I was filled with horror and I though oh dear oh dear, I have to tackle all of this, but as I was in the middle of my office move, I decided to put it into my inbox to deal with later

*Statistic* - Over 40% of UK businesses admit to leaving auto-enrolment to the last minute and over 10% miss their staging date completely.

Source – Aviva staging date tracker Oct 2016

So I looked straight on to Google, Aviva were there on the list, and I thought ‘great, that’s who I’m going to go for – a familiar company’

From start to finish I felt (the process) was very, very easy to do. I was very happy with it, by a couple of hours I was auto-enrolled and sorted out

I didn’t have to ask the accountant for help, I didn’t have to ask for any external help from anybody else, I just sorted it out from start to finish on my own

And it was really, really easy, you just fill out everything you need to do – your annual income, your staff wages, it tells you what you need to be paying

And you just complete it right through to the very end of the page and the minute you finish that, you’re all enrolled and sorted out

You receive papers within a few days, and you just take it from there – I’ve just been quite comfortable and happy it’s ticking along nicely in the background for me!

Auto enrolment, it’s important that I know what I’m talking about because my staff hear from friends and acquaintances and they come to me and ask questions l

If there was anyone else who wanted to auto-enrol, just do what I did – if I can do it, anybody can do it, that’s for sure!

In my experience you couldn’t do better than Aviva, so I would definitely recommend Aviva as a company to try

However, there are other options there if they (other businesses) do wish to choose other ones, but Aviva has definitely worked for me and I would definitely recommend them

It empowered me to do it – empower yourself to it!


“Aviva went above and beyond the call of duty for me - I can’t fault the customer service”

Paul Jeffrey
Cherish U Ltd


“Everything was covered, no problems at all. It’s all gone perfectly smoothly.”

John Collis
London Ship Managers Ltd


“The time and effort Aviva put into helping me was commendable”

Manjula Hawaldar
Infosys Ltd

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