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Take the hard work out of auto-enrolment

Our cloud-based software automates the key tasks involved in complying with the new pension regulations. Saving you time, money and administrative headaches.

  • Helps reduce the burden of auto-enrolment.
  • Assesses your entire workforce in seconds.
  • Automates regulatory communications.
  • Helps you meet your auto-enrolment obligations.

AME is suitable for businesses of all sizes, and works with any pension or payroll provider.

Key features

Key features

AME at a glance

  • Automatic workforce assessment
  • Automatic communications
  • Automatic data output files
  • Automatic record-keeping

Fast, powerful, easy-to-use, AME makes it so much simpler to deal with your responsibilities under the auto-enrolment pension regulations.

Take the hard work out of auto-enrolment

AME automatically assesses your entire workforce against auto-enrolment requirements in a matter of seconds*. It checks each employee’s auto-enrolment status – based on their age, earnings and contribution levels – and sorts them into the correct auto-enrolment group.

Even better, AME then identifies any actions you need to take – and helps you perform those actions.

*Typically under seven seconds for a workforce of 1,000.

Communications in a click

One of the most complex challenges of auto-enrolment is knowing what communications to send your employees, and when. But with AME, it’s simple.

AME automatically produces personalised, regulatory communications for each of your workers (available in both email and letter format).

You can customise these communications with your company branding. You can edit contact details and add attachments – such as pension scheme guides or about other aspects of your benefits package. And you can even send out emails straight from the system.

A summary of the communications AME produces (PDF 102KB)

Automatic files and record-keeping

AME automatically produces files in a suitable format for your payroll, HR and pension providers’ systems, ready for you to send to them.

It also automatically keeps records of the key information you need to keep by law. Another weight off your mind, as The Pensions Regulator can ask for these as proof that you’re complying with your auto-enrolment duties.

Easy ongoing management

Simply upload your payroll information every pay reference period and keep on top of any actions it highlights. For added convenience, AME also keeps track of any employees who’ve opted out, and prompts you when they’re due to be re-enrolled.

Know the cost of auto-enrolment

Find out how much auto-enrolment will cost your business with AME’s integrated contributions modeller. This shows what your chosen contribution levels will cost your business – from today until six years from now.

You can also model alternative contribution levels (including phased tiering) to see what they would cost your business.

Quick and simple to use

AME is so simple to use. We designed it with the input of employers like you, using cutting-edge technology from SunGard®. Plus, it features speedy processing – uploading and assessing a workforce of 1,000 takes mere seconds.

What’s more, we’ll also provide full training to help you get started smoothly. As well as a practice site and work-through example, a plain English user guide (PDF 7.8MB) and online ‘How to’ videos.

Works with any pension or payroll provider

Use more than one payroll system? Got pension schemes from several providers? If so, AME is an ideal choice. Unlike some other auto-enrolment software, it’s data is compatible with any payroll system or any defined contribution pension scheme. So rather than having to use several different systems, you’ll only ever need one.

Designed and tested by pensions experts

Built using our pensions expertise and tested extensively, AME is the auto-enrolment software you can count on.

Take a closer look

Take a closer look

Video transcript

Auto-enrolment has changed the pensions landscape. It’s a big challenge that affects the vast majority of UK employers and every eligible employee. That’s why we’ve used our pension expertise to create a complete solution to assist you every step of the way.

Meet AME – our Auto-enrolment Manager for Employers. It’s safe, it’s simple and it’s secure – and it’s there for you at each stage of the auto-enrolment process.

AME helps you prepare; it helps you to be ready; and it helps you meet your new obligations. And – because you can configure AME to your specific business needs – it could help reduce the cost of fulfilling your auto-enrolment responsibilities.


At the preparation stage, AME’s specially designed modelling tool lets you assess the financial impact of auto-enrolment on your business. It gives you the hard facts you’ll need when you’re ready to discuss your auto-enrolment strategy.


Once your strategy is in place, you’re ready for staging. It’s a big job, so AME is there to make life simpler and help you meet your regulatory obligations. It records your strategy, assesses your workforce and produces all the paperwork you’ll need, helping you communicate with the right people at the right time. Plus, it handles all of your pension providers, regardless of the number.

Put simply, AME helps you take care of all your staging activities, but it doesn’t stop there.


Auto-enrolment goes far beyond staging date, so AME is designed to help you in the future, too. Synchronised to your payroll process, it watches over your whole workforce, telling you what you need to do and when – and it helps you take action when it’s called for. The AME hub handles all of this securely within your workplace, so your employee data is always in your control. Overall, that’s a lot of support in meeting your administrative responsibilities and a reduction in the time you need to fulfill them.

Auto-enrolment is a big challenge facing employers. To find out how you can meet that challenge, with AME by your side, contact your Aviva representative for more information.

AME. A smart solution that’s safe, simple and secure.

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Frequently asked questions

Can’t we just use our payroll provider’s software?

If your payroll provider offers an auto-enrolment module or software, you can use it to help you meet your auto-enrolment obligations. Before you make that decision, however, we recommend you check their system will do everything you need it to. For instance, some other systems won’t automatically produce the communications you’ll need, like AME does.

To help you do this, we’ve produced a list of questions to ask (PDF 898KB). These should help you ensure the software you choose is up to the job.

Please also bear in mind that if you use your payroll provider’s software, it may only work with their payroll system alone. This could cause problems if you use more than one payroll system, or switch to another one at a later date.

Questions to ask when choosing your software provider (PDF 898KB).

Can we switch to AME from our current auto-enrolment software?

Certainly. If your current auto-enrolment software isn’t working out for any reason, you can switch to AME.

If you believe your business is currently compliant, you can switch to AME and start using it as soon as it’s in place. If you think your business isn’t currently compliant, you can use AME to check your backdated data (up to a maximum of 18 months). It will then highlight any actions you may need to take to meet your auto-enrolment obligations.

We’ve missed our staging date. Can we use AME?

Yes. If you’ve missed your staging date, you can use AME to check your payroll data back to your staging date (as long as it was in the past 18 months). It will then highlight any actions you may need to take to meet your auto-enrolment obligations.

How secure is AME?

AME is hosted on the SunGard® cloud infrastructure and is certified to ISO27001 and SAS70/ISAE3402 internet security standards. The system is also password protected, and you control who has access to it within your business.

Do we really need auto-enrolment software?

In theory, you could meet your businesses auto-enrolment obligations without using management/administrative/auto-enrolment software. However, every month (or week, if you pay some employees weekly), you’d need to:

  • manually assess your workforce
  • sort each employee into the correct auto-enrolment group
  • process any employees who’ve opted out
  • send the right regulatory communications to employees at the right time
  • keep track of employees who’ve opted out (as they’ll be due for re-enrolment in three years)
  • keep track of any employees who you’re using a postponement period for
  • ensure you’re paying correct contributions to your employees
  • ensure your employees are paying correct contributions
  • manually produce files for your payroll provider
  • manually produce files for your pension provider
  • keep records to prove that you’re complying
  • along with performing many more tasks.

Unless your workforce is very simple or static in its make-up, it’s likely that performing all of these tasks would use up a huge chunk of your time, every month. Doing it all manually could also increase the probability of making errors.

With the right software in place, many or all of these tasks will be automated. Saving you lots of time and helping you to fulfil your auto-enrolment obligations.

Does our payroll data need to be in a certain format for AME?

The data you take from your payroll system and upload to AME needs to be in CSV (Comma Separated Values) format, which is supported by all major payroll systems. Other than that, there are no real restrictions.

Do you provide any training or help for using AME?

Yes. we provide support to help you get started – and we’re always just a phone-call or email away if you ever get stuck:

What are the IT requirements?

Because AME is cloud-based, the IT requirements are minimal. All you need is a reliable internet connection of above 1Mbps and a supported web browser. At time of writing, AME works on Internet Explorer v.8-10, Firefox v.3.6-9, Google Chrome 16, Safari 5 and Opera 11.