Group Income Protection

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Please note: The following information relates to policies quoted before 28 September 2015.

With Group Income Protection in place, your employees will receive a regular income while our rehabilitation services could help speed up their return to work.

How does this policy work?

Helping you and your employees whilst at work

  • You have access to our wellbeing service, helping you promote good working practices throughout your workplace.
  • An Employee Assistance Programme, which provides support for your employees for a range of issues - such as stress or illness.
  • Your employees can also use our 24-hour, seven days a week Stress Counselling and GP helplines (stress counselling helpline available to members aged 16+).

Making a claim

If one of your employees needs to make a claim, we'll try to make sure that it causes as little disruption to your business as possible. We advise you to let us know about any term of absence exceeding four weeks. This is because our experience has shown that working with employees at an early stage of absence is more likely to result in a successful return to work.

Hopefully your employee will return to work before the end of the qualifying period, but if they don't, just let us know with as much advance warning as possible. That way we can put together a potential new claim and ensure everything continues to run as smooth as possible.

Starting a claim

We've used our experience to create a process that works as effectively for you and your employees, prioritising their return to work and future improvement in health.

If your employee is on long-term leave, due to ill health, let us know. This is particularly important for stress-related conditions and musculoskeletal injuries, as we can often intervene with rehabilitation measures that may help improve the recovery time.

We'll assign a dedicated rehabilitation case manager to your employee, and talk to you about any additional support that could help them. We'll also agree when the next review of your employee's circumstances should take place.

If rehabilitation support is appropriate, then we'll ask you to complete a questionnaire over the phone. We'll also ask for consent to speak to your employee for more information and so they can complete a health questionnaire.

Our clinical team offer help and support to your people, working alongside their GP to put together appropriate treatment plans.

The rehabilitation case manager will stay in contact with you throughout any treatment and when your employee is able to return to work their case manager will help put together a return-to-work plan.

We'll always combine the most appropriate intervention measure and rehabilitation techniques to encourage a rapid recovery. This could help to reduce the costs involved for your business, such as overtime, sick pay, extra resource costs and reduced productivity.

Frequently asked questions

Are my employees based overseas covered?

In most cases we will cover employees who are based overseas, as long as they have a contract of employment with a UK company covered by this policy.

What happens if we want to add employees to the scheme?

If you take out a ‘unit rated' policy, you'll need to tell us about any new joiners or leavers at the scheme anniversary date. If you have a single premium policy, you must let us know immediately about all new joiners or leavers. For either unit rated or single premium policies you need to tell us immediately of any joiners whose benefits are above the free cover limit or who do not meet the normal eligibility conditions.

What happens when someone makes a claim?

Our aim is to make the claims process as easy and straightforward as possible. In the first instance we recommend that you phone us to let us know about someone's absence from the work place. This should happen either within two months of the start of the incapacity or in the case of a 13-week deferred period, within one month. You'll have a dedicated point of contact throughout, to help you and your employees at what will inevitably be a difficult time for them. Because every case is different, we'll talk them through the most appropriate course of action.

Can more than one claim be paid under the policy?

Your employees can make more than one claim as long as they have not exhausted any limited payment term period or, if applicable, received a lump sum payment. We will not make any further payments until a further deferred period has been satisfied, unless it is a linked claim. Any limited payment term applies to incapacity from one illness or injury. So where incapacity is from the same cause, we'll combine the periods of incapacity and the total will be limited to the payment term insured.

Will my premiums stay the same each year?

If the factors used to calculate your premium don't change, then we can usually guarantee your premium for two years from the start of the policy. Any changes in membership will be allowed for by an end-of-year adjustment premium based on the membership at the end of each policy year.

How are the premiums taxed?

In most circumstances, Group Income Protection premiums count as a business expense so therefore qualify for corporation tax relief. Under current tax laws, Group Income Protection does not count as a P11D benefit in kind. This is our current understanding of Tax rules, these rules may change in the future.

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