Why choose us?

We can provide an easy-to-manage workplace pension scheme for businesses of all sizes:

Financial strength

We’re rated A (Superior) by AKG Actuarial Consultants, the highest rating available, which means our scheme members can be confident that their investment is in safe hands.

Outstanding support

Access to UK-based telephone, email and Livechat support at all setup stages from our dedicated teams, plus auto-enrolment software that can be tailored to your needs.

For every sized business

Our workplace pension is designed for businesses of all sizes, however big or small. Even if you only employ one person, we can offer you an auto-enrolment solution.

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For you

  • Fast online quote and apply to get you started straight away
  • Comprehensive supporting software, information and resources
  • An auto-enrolment solution that’s compatible with your payroll system

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For employees

  • A low member annual default fund charge that never exceeds 0.75%
  • A workplace pension they can keep if/when they switch employer
  • Access to great discounts and savings through Aviva Advantages

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How much does it cost?

We charge a monthly fee to run your scheme and provide an effective range of tools and services. There are no set up fees.

Monthly ongoing charges
Costs for you Monthly ongoing charges are typically between £30 and £50.
Costs for your workforce There are no contribution charges for your employees. Your employees will have an annual fee (or annual fund charge) of up to 0.75% per year deducted from their pension fund if they stay invested in the default investment option.

Want to see how much an Aviva workplace pension will cost?

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Now the pension rules have changed, you need to know the amount you’re required to contribute to your workforce’s pensions.

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How to apply

Get a quote

Tell us how many people you employ, their total basic pay and pension contribution levels. We’ll provide you with a basic quote.

Complete application in less than 10 minutes

If you have all of your business details to hand, and details of the scheme administrator, it can take under 10 minutes to apply.

Manage the scheme online

Our auto-enrolment planners and tools make it easy for you to be able to manage the scheme online.

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Are you an employer with more than one company that you need to provide a workplace pension scheme for? Talk to one of our experts on 0800 302 9507. Lines are open Monday to Friday from 9.00am – 5.00pm

What are our investment options?

Our workplace pension gives your employees two main ways that they can invest their pension contributions. They can either use our specially designed default investment option. Or, for those who want more say in their investments, they can choose from a range of over 200 investment funds; including a sharia and ethical funds.

Whichever option your workforce decides on, they can change their mind at any time. It’s easy for them to alter their investment choices online and they won’t be charged for making a change. In some cases, other funds that employees choose may have additional charges - this will be clearly stated.

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What about payroll compatibility?

Our workplace pension is designed to be compatible with all types of payroll software.

With some types of payroll software, we can provide complete payroll integration, providing you with a faster and more secure way to run your workplace pension scheme.

Whatever type of payroll software you use, we’ll provide your scheme administrator with the training and support they need.

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How can you support your workforce?

You’ll want to make sure that your employees are getting the most from their new workplace pension. A combination of tips, tools and investment information can help to get them started.

An essential guide for employees(PDF 0.4MB)

Pension essentials

New to auto-enrolment?

Understand the basics of auto-enrolment

Understand more about how auto-enrolment will affect your business and what your obligations are now that the new pension rules are in place.

Start your auto-enrolment with 8 simple steps

Auto-enrolment can seem complicated. We’ve created this simple 8-step guide to explain what you need to do and when.

Free guide to choosing a pension provider

Download our handy guide(PDF 0.4MB) for informative and impartial guidance on choosing the right auto-enrolment partner.

What are our customers saying about us?


“I felt my overall experience with Aviva auto-enrolment was liberating – it was taken out of my hands and done for me”

Liz Jackson
The York Priory B&B

Video transcript

Hi, I’m Liz Jackson and I’m the third generation of Jackson to run and own the York Priory

The very first time I heard about auto-enrolment was when a letter dropped on my doormat with ‘auto-enrolment’ written on it and ‘this is not a circular’

*Statistic* - Around 800,000 businesses are due to stage in 2017/18.

Source – The Pensions Regulator

I was filled with horror and I though oh dear oh dear, I have to tackle all of this, but as I was in the middle of my office move, I decided to put it into my inbox to deal with later

*Statistic* - Over 40% of UK businesses admit to leaving auto-enrolment to the last minute and over 10% miss their staging date completely.

Source – Aviva staging date tracker Oct 2016

So I looked straight on to Google, Aviva were there on the list, and I thought ‘great, that’s who I’m going to go for – a familiar company’

From start to finish I felt (the process) was very, very easy to do. I was very happy with it, by a couple of hours I was auto-enrolled and sorted out

I didn’t have to ask the accountant for help, I didn’t have to ask for any external help from anybody else, I just sorted it out from start to finish on my own

And it was really, really easy, you just fill out everything you need to do – your annual income, your staff wages, it tells you what you need to be paying

And you just complete it right through to the very end of the page and the minute you finish that, you’re all enrolled and sorted out

You receive papers within a few days, and you just take it from there – I’ve just been quite comfortable and happy it’s ticking along nicely in the background for me!

Auto enrolment, it’s important that I know what I’m talking about because my staff hear from friends and acquaintances and they come to me and ask questions l

If there was anyone else who wanted to auto-enrol, just do what I did – if I can do it, anybody can do it, that’s for sure!

In my experience you couldn’t do better than Aviva, so I would definitely recommend Aviva as a company to try

However, there are other options there if they (other businesses) do wish to choose other ones, but Aviva has definitely worked for me and I would definitely recommend them

It empowered me to do it – empower yourself to it!


“Aviva went above and beyond the call of duty for me - I can’t fault the customer service”

Paul Jeffrey
Cherish U Ltd


“Everything was covered, no problems at all. It’s all gone perfectly smoothly.”

John Collis
London Ship Managers Ltd


“The time and effort Aviva put into helping me was commendable”

Manjula Hawaldar
Infosys Ltd

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Need more help?

We can’t offer advice, but our UK-based workplace pension team will be happy to help you with information explaining your auto-enrolment duties and options. Our lines are open Monday to Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm.

0800 302 9507

We may record or monitor our calls to help us improve our service

Need help with transferring your workplace pension scheme?

If you’re not happy with your pension provider, and think that Aviva might be a better choice for you, it’s worth finding out more about our workplace pension scheme.

Our transfer process is simple; see what we can offer.

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