What do you get?

What do you get?

Our workplace pension scheme is designed specifically with small and medium sized employers in mind. Here’s an overview of what you’ll get if you choose us as your pension provider.

Online tools

Planning tool

Our auto-enrolment planner creates a project plan tailored specifically to your business needs. It prompts you to complete each task needed to fulfil your auto-enrolment obligations.

Hassle free set up

You’ll receive support and learning material to help you get your scheme up and running quickly. In most cases, we’ll set up your scheme within a few days of your start date and we’ll confirm when it’s ready to go.

Secured login - workplace pension portal

  • perform day-to-day admin tasks
  • add and remove members of your pension scheme
  • access support material

An easy to use scheme management system

When we set up your workplace pension scheme, we’ll give you access to Aviva’s user-friendly online scheme management system. You’ll use this each month to send us payment information and details of anyone who’s joined or left your scheme.

Auto-enrolment software to save you time

To reduce the amount of on-going admin involved in providing a pension scheme, our auto-enrolment software automates many of these tasks you’ll need to complete, such as:

  • assessing your workforce each payroll to see who’s eligible for auto-enrolment
  • generating communications
  • sending out statutory notices

Payroll integration

Our workplace pension software is compatible with most types of payroll software (Sage, Iris and Quickbooks) - These programmes can be used to download text files, which will then be uploaded onto our online management system, giving us the information we need to run your pension scheme.

If you don’t use payroll software, AME Lite, our auto-enrolment software, can compile this information for you.

Online training and weekly webinars (for scheme administrators)

Weekly webinars are provided to keep your scheme administrator up to speed with auto-enrolment. The webinars cover everything from scheme setup to pensions legislation and salary sacrifice.

Online training offers support and training to your scheme administrator, to ensure that they can use our full range of auto-enrolment tools and get the most from our software.


A dedicated UK-based helpdesk

If you have any queries about your pension scheme, you can call our UK-based workplace pension helpdesk on 0800 302 9507.

Live chat

Access to Live Chat will provide you with quick answers whenever you have a query that needs an instant solution.

Reports and communications

Free reports about your scheme

It’s worth doing a regular health check of your pension scheme. To help with this, we’ll send you reports about your scheme on request. These reports include details of how many scheme members are currently in your pension scheme and any employees who are due to retire in the next five years.

Communications to scheme members

One of your obligations as part of auto-enrolment is to ensure that your staff receive regulatory communications outlining their options. Our software produces these communications automatically, personalised to your workforce and with the option of being sent either via letter or email.

Tax and governance

Two ways to reduce your tax bill

The contributions you make to your employees’ pensions can be offset as a business expense, reducing your overall tax bill. You can also use salary sacrifice with your workplace pension scheme, which can further reduce the tax you and your employees have to pay. If you’re considering using salary sacrifice, you may find it useful to speak to a financial adviser first. If you don’t have a financial adviser, you can find one at www.unbiased.co.uk

Tax benefits are subject to change, interpretation and depend on an individual’s circumstances.

Governance and record-keeping

There are detailed government guidelines outlining how default investment funds used for auto-enrolment ought to be governed. Our workplace pension features strong governance and looks after this for you.

Under auto-enrolment regulations there are certain rules about the records you need to keep. Our auto-enrolment software stores most of these records automatically, and we keep the rest on file.

What do your employees get?

What benefits will your workforce get when they join your new pension scheme?

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