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Why choose Aviva?

Group Income Protection is just one of our cost-effective Group Risk products on offer. We know that it's important to keep an eye on your overheads and contain costs wherever possible, which is why we try to add tangible value to our Group Risk products.

Some of the benefits to help attract and retain your employees are:

  • Affordability. Knowing that cost is a primary concern, we’ll try to find a solution that reflects the changing needs of your business and integrates with your existing benefits package.
  • Flexibility. We can tailor your Group Income Protection policy to suit your business and employees' needs.
  • Efficiency. We do everything we can to help you administer Group Risk benefits for your employees, this includes being prompt, clear and effective with our underwriting, straightforward with our administration, and answerable for our service levels.
  • Accountability. We have experience of Group Risk products so you can rely on us to provide underwriting, administration and claims services that reflect our experience.

So, why choose Aviva?

Like you, we value our employees because they make a difference to the quality of service we provide. Our accrued knowledge has helped us create a Group Income Protection product that works hard for you. The best way we help our customers is by offering practical support to your employees, such as rehabilitation services that help them return to work as quickly as possible.

  • We believe strongly in treating every claim on a case-by-case basis. This is so we can offer all your employees high quality care, excellent levels of customer service and appropriate support should they make a claim.
  • Our rehabilitation and early intervention services help your employees recover and return to work quickly which means getting back to helping your business nourish in the long term.
  • Our claims management and customer service expertise helps us deal effectively - and most importantly, appropriately with every call.

Group Income Protection helps your employees worry less about their finances during a long-term absence period, which lets them focus more on recovering and getting back to work. We'll give them financial and practical support they need, when they need it most.

Find out more about the difference our Group Income Protection could make to your employees ... and to your business. Call us on 0800 145 5684, we're happy to help.

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