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Why choose Aviva?

Healthy employees mean a more productive business. Whether you’re considering a healthcare policy to complement your existing package, or starting with a fresh approach to benefits provision – we’d like you to talk to us.

As experts in healthcare, at Aviva we believe there’s a productive balance to be found between offering help to your employees, and helping you contain the costs involved in providing benefits. If employees are ill, we’ll do our best to help them recover and return to work as fast as possible – but we’ll also help you monitor the cost of benefits to your business, and look for ways to help reduce the overheads involved.

We’re experts in healthcare…
  • Aviva Health UK is part of the Aviva Group, which is the UK’s largest insurance provider. Our size and efficiency give us the strength to deliver an extensive range of value-for-money products, providing a holistic end-to-end solution for your business. From PMI for access to acute treatment, to Group Income Protection to provide financial support for incapacity and rehabilitation services and Group Life policies - our products and services offer a complete health, protection and wellbeing solution.
  • At the Health Insurance Awards 2013, we were given the title ‘Health Insurance Company of the Year’ for the 4th year running - we’ve also won recognition for our Corporate PMI for the fourth year running. We think it’s our people, our products and our services that help us win these awards.
  • The people in our business are passionate about offering the best possible service to yours. We design products that meet your needs; they’re flexible so that you can have the options you want and still keep costs under control. From ‘BacktoBetter’ (helping employees recover from musculoskeletal problems), to 24 hour stress counselling helplines (available to members aged 16 or over) – our added value benefits work offer tangible support to your employees. And they can rely on support that’s appropriate: from services provided by our specialist oncology teams (caring for cancer patients), to our psychiatric teams and Women’s Health Unit.
Our policies offer a flexible and effective solution…
  • Health insurance can be seen as an ‘expected benefit’. It’s certainly an attractive feature, and can play an important role in attracting and retaining staff. But we believe that Optimum can also bring significant value to your business. Whether you’d like a policy that covers just 250 senior staff, or 25,000 employees… Optimum can be there to help with a set of benefits that can aid the recovery process.
  • Making a claim, arranging a policy, dealing with administration – we’ll do our best to be as effective and efficient as possible, at all time. We’ll take time to understand your business’s needs; we’ll try to offer the most extensive policy we can that will meet your budget; and we’ll always explain what our policies will do, and what they won’t. Our teams understand the sometimes difficult circumstances surrounding a period of illness or injury – for you, as well as your employees. So, most importantly, we promise that we’ll do our best to make sure that everything goes smoothly if anyone needs to make a claim.
Your business deserves to be healthy. We can help…
  • Helping your employees to stay healthy, helps your business thrive. With staff away on sick leave, your business suffers an inevitable drain on resources. So our added value benefits can be a useful tool in reducing the costs of ill health… as well as helping your employees recover, and return to work as soon as possible.
  • Offering prompt, private medical treatment to your employees is more than a perk: it’s good business sense. As well as looking after them in times of ill health, we’d like to help you to promote good health among your employees, right from day one. That means offering support to you, finding ways to run cost-effective health initiatives across the business, and making sure that your employees are aware of the benefits they have with their policy.

Another great reason to choose Aviva…

With over 250 employees working for you, cost containment has to be one of your priorities. It’s why we’d like to talk to you about Optimum. It’s effective, robust and highly flexible in its structure – so you can choose the benefits you’d like to offer your employees, and help contain costs for your business. Talk to us about Optimum today…

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